What stretching exercises do you usually do?

Jagoda Z.
I stretch mainly my back and legs, by trying to touch my toes with my fingers and such. I have a problem with that so that's the only stretch I do but I will get to other exercises as well.
Lylou N.
I really enjoy getting on the floor and doing some simple yoga positions first thing in the morning. It allows me to bring myself into the present and do some deep breathing.
Melissa S.
I usually do yoga practices, in the morning or afternoon. There are plenty of exercises for the arms, shoulders, legs, inner thighs, neck and back (look for morning yoga for beginners flexibility on Youtube for example)
Jacob E.
Eu criei uma rotina de exercĂ­cios de alongamento com base em que tenho mais dificuldade. Aproveito a oportunidade e medito enquanto estico
Keith D.
Yoga stretches or simple arm stretches to loosen up the muscles from be stiff, I find I get a slight burst energy to start the exercise routine.
Saki G.
I tend to go to gym classes so mostly do the stretches at the end of those. Today was boxing so it was a few yoga inspired ones like cobra and child pose. I find both of those pretty good.