How long are your abs workout sessions?

Herc Lia Q.
personally (like when i work out alone) they’re about 10-15 minutes with exercises like curl ups, russian twists, and burpees. when i do abs with this program they are 4 minutes long.
Everett U.
As am not that strong and only returned to exercises for less than a month, I can do only abs sessions for no longer than 12 minutes, after it I barely move))
Ida O.
For now they are 5 minutes. But we're just starting small, trying to get excited about exercising and making a habit. Last time I did this I had a 15 minute routine, I really saw progress on it.
Maja U.
Usually, my 2 most intensive core workouts come from a 10-15 minute ab workout video on YouTube, or from a Yoga class. I try to push myself to reach a point of uncomfort with my ab workouts, then continue pushing for about 5 more minutes. It’s tough, but the progress is sweeter and the pain is temporary!
Qu Snia S.
Depends. Sometimes I only go through a a short ab routine that equals give to ten minutes of activity. On a good day though I have a go to ab video which is 40 minutes or so or ab specific exercises
Lynn C.
Not very long. I usually to 3 sets of 12 – 15 (with added weight) lower, sides and middle abs. I find that this rep range works very well. Experiment a little and find what works for you. Some training you actually "enjoy" is better than none.
Mae X.
Well I only do 1 abs workout a week and I do all my workouts in the morning so they're all p short – only about 6-7 mins. I do 30 knee crunches, 30 cross crunches, 20 leg raises, 20 cycling crunches (each side) 30 flutter kicks (es), 20 heel touches, 20 supermen and 60s plank. Sometimes more/less depending on energy levels and time. Hope that helps?
Clara Z.
I do core exercise in all the exercise I do by engaging my core and "sucking everything in". Aside from that, I plank for a few minutes every day.
C Lia Y.
I'd say 4 or 5 mins out of my 8mins exercise morning routine but it actually depends on my mood. I just do what I feel like doing as long as I move for 8 min. The aim is to take pleasure out of it so it becomes something I'm looking forward to.