How can I maintain a healthy exercise routine without getting unhealthily obsessed or giving up?

Nicoline Z.
Check your motivation. If you don't want to work out because you don't feel like it, while you actually should in order to stay healthy, do work-out. If you want to work-out to compensate for example eating, don't do that. And plan your work outs. Decide how often you want to work-out out and stick to that. Don't be like I don't want to, so i won't. And don't do extra. Also when you end up feeling exhausted, dont't go. Skip a day. And don't be like I can't hang out or do something fun, because I have to work out. Find a way to combine both for example. Its okay to skip, as long as its not because you lack motivation
Ana Z.
Wake and drink 2glass of water then you feel refresh and have a 20min. Walk later on do little exercise and have healthy breakfast.