My third day of exercise was harder than my first. Anyone else have the same experience?

Florent U.
Some days will be harder than others. It will not always be easy. It’s important to complete the exercise session. Taking a break to breathe is okay but seeing the session to the end is the most important.
Cao P.
I think the reason is that we should have enough rest to recover between 2 exercise days, with newbies recovery time should be at least 48h.
Miguel F.
Yes thats normal. Your body gets tired! If you train 5 tines a week, you should train 2 days, rest one and train more 2 days. You build muscle when you rest and not when you train.
Mathilde G.
I read something here about how sometimes you can celebrate your wins too early. So because you’ve done two days somehow you start to think you’ve done well and that means you should take a day off. It could also be depending on the exercise, your body may be aching so maybe switching to a different exercise such as a walk instead of something high intensity would keep momentum up! Keep going!
Ian S.
It is normal to happen. Because your body is certeinly unaccostumed to. The muscles are under pain, but the sensation of relaxation is the best you can ever have.
J P.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that our muscles are in recovery and we push them a bit more each day instead of fully letting them rest? I don't know, just a theory.
L A A.
Yaaa… Of course i had… I felt it on my second day itslef🤭…. But now i am okay with that😊….it lasts only for two days maximum, afterwards u will feel pleasure rather than pain😊… So go ahead and good luck 🤞
Robin Y.
Yup! Your body's not used to maintaining this level of activity for this long, so your energy's lagging. The longer you keep it up, though, the easier it'll get! You're building up stamina right now. It's like running a mile – the first minute or so isn't so hard, but then your muscles, your mind, everything starts complaining. But if you can push through that, you'll go the distance!
Oscar F.
I think it's about the motivation. Starting things is always easier that continuing them. I've struggled the last week myself actually
Oh N.
Usually I love exercise like aerobic. I love to dance with the rythym. But I have to open notebook or dvd player with tv. I out of breath in the last section.