Is it possible to enjoy morning exercise? Seems such a chore at this moment.

Vsevolod Y.
Yes, it is! I hated it once, but then I decided to do just really easy exercises (one minute stretch or something like that) and it helped. I really liked it. Later I began to make it harder, but only when I wanted to. And now I enjoy it:)
Sander G.
Yes, is it possible. I started to do exercise in the morning because the rest of the day i'm very busy with the school, the housework, and other things. I'm a beginner, i do exercise 20-30 minutes every morning, started with 5-7 minutes of warm up, next 15-20 minutes of full body workout and, for last, 5 minutes for stretch.
Your routine should not be always the same, you can change the exercises every week if you want, the important is that you like it and enjoy it. When you wake up, take a bit of water, go to the bathroom or walk 1 minute in your room, this helps you to wake up better (also, you can dance), play your favorite music and start with your workout, don't forget drink water after you finish. If you have any other questions, write me back πŸ˜‰ .
Btw, sorry for my bad English, i speak Spanish and i'm learning English πŸ™‚
Vicki P.
How long is your exercise for? And how difficult is it? Do not make it too difficult on your body and begin slowly, overtime you can gradually increase the length and difficulty. Remember this journey is meant to be uncomfortable but enjoyable at the same time.
Olivia E.
idk tho it wasn't so bad but I think it was something like I was just walking around the house and that was my activity so yeah
Aditya F.
If you get bored, you can play your favourite music that time.
But don't play rap type songs, you should play some silent and devotional songs according to me
Ryu Z.
Of course! Maybe you might be pushing yourself too much? starting too big perhaps? Excercise can be a lot of things. My ideal excercise would be taking 10 minute walks in the park close to my house every morning, but when factors such as being lazy to get changed and stuff interject, I stretch for 10 minutes instead. It's simple and makes me feel great when I'm done! So much so that I could go out and have that walk I couldn't half an hour ago. I think stretching is the best way to get started and have your blood rushing throughout your body .