How do you find motivation to exercise when feeling overwhelmed by everything else?

Gordon E.
It helps me take a step back from whatever I'm overwhelmed with. It's something I do before bed, usually before putting away my phone finally and sleeping. I look forward to making progress, though I haven't been as consistent as I would've liked.
Juliano Q.
The first thing I think is this is an opportunity. As cliche as it might sound, we get the opportunity to exercise. To breathe. To sweat and engage with our body. To push yourself so that each time you return you reach another set milestone or intention. Some out there do not get that opportunity. Thank your body for all it has brought you through and for giving you another day. Gratitude is the attitude. Even just ten minutes is more than enough and each time you can do more or less just show up for yourself each time and don't bring judgment to it. You will then notice the judgment go away and then overwhelm will follow. 🙏🏾
Ella T.
I think if I enjoy whatever the exercise is I always end up making time for it, and if i go back to my goals i can convince myself