I’m not a breakfast person, what can i do to start liking have breakfast?

Lillian P.
Start with something easy to enjoy. Your favorite cereal for instance. Once you create the good habit of eating when you wake up you can build from there!
Isabella S.
I personally started small, find something you like start with just a fruit or yogurt or a protein bar. That’ll get your body used to eating at that time even if it’s small so eventually you’ll wake up hungry and want food!
Luke O.
It depends on what's the reason why you are not a breakfastperson. I can suggest a few things:
1) waking up a bit earlier. Maybe you just need time before you want something to eat.
2) if you don't like preparing food in the morning, because of grogginess for example, try preparing something the night before. You can try to make something really delicious, something you look forward to!
3) if you don't like eating, make something you can drink, a smoothie with all the good stuff in it.
Camille O.
I also used to not be a breakfast person. I've found that the best way is to make a food that I really like for breakfast–whether or not it is a breakfast food–and eat a much smaller portions than usual. It also helps that coffee on an empty stomach is starting to give me a reaction, at least for motivation.
Rhonda C.
Pair it with something you already like such as the morning news or music. Think of breakfast as fuel to start your day instead of just a meal.
Heinz Walter F.
I’m not really a breakfast person either – for me it's basically about bribing myself. If I can look forward to something from the night before it's good – like finding a recipe and getting excited about making it the next day. I love smoothie bowls – or fresh fruit ice cream you can make by blending frozen raspberries and frozen bananas together.
Verena C.
Easy! Start with eating foods you can’t wait to have. It could be a strawberry shake or something. Once you get in the habit of eating in the morning, it will be easier to eat a more healthy breakfast later
Gary U.
A great breakfast needs to taste amazing. And frankly I do do repetitive breakfasts. Chocolate banana smoothie. Avocado baked with en egg inside with salsa. Waffles with peanut butter. My go to’s. And overnight oats.
Clyde J.
Start small. Even one hard boiled egg followed by a fruit of your choice (banana is easy) would get you off to a start. If no breakfast foods appeal to you, experiment sit foods that aren’t traditionally breakfast foods like avocado.
Claus Peter F.
I was like you too but I tried to eat food I like for breakfast like sometimes for supper I have sausages so I started trying them for breakfast and it’s really working out for me.
James C.
What flavors and foods do you like? Breakfast is the first meal of the day, not necessarily what is commonly called breakfast food.
Isabella F.
Have fresh food as breakfast. Fresh bread and aromatic vegetables, if you like, are some ideas. Have your breakfast in the outside morning fresh air as well.
Jimmie Z.
I’m not either. What helps is to eat a lighter dinner or an earlier dinner, so you’re actually hungry in the morning. Also don’t try to eat too much for breakfast or you’ll feel really full and not want to do it again. Even one piece of fruit counts!!!
Jacqueline F.
It will bring you the energy to begin the day. So if you are not a breakfast person, you will crushed hours after wake up. Remember that a machine doesn't work without a fuel, so we are.
Hugo C.
I was never a fan of oatmeal, such a boring food. That said if you add some dehydrated fruit like apples it will make a noticeable difference. Also try some chia and flax seed mixed in with some pecans and maybe a touch of brown sugar. All the above is my new go to when it comes to breakfast. Bonus points for adding a banana.
Joann F.
Start by eating something small you like for breakfast with the drink you like. Then start making your other dish you like in medium proshion. Also help making you breakfast you never tired before and knew experience.
R My I.
I suggest you to take your time. Just find more space for breakfast in the morning. I’ve often noticed that non-breakfast people are also non-morning people. They wake up 20mins before they’re supposed to go to work, they rush themselves in those 20mins with some clothes and that’s it. Just try to take your time in the morning, try to give your body at least 1 hour and a half to do your morning routine. Save 20 minutes in the morning just for your breakfast. Be grateful to it for giving you the boost you need for the whole day. For speeding up your metabolism.
Think that it’s the only way to start your day right, for setting how you will behave during the whole day in terms of health.
Rosinalva Q.
Sağlıklı sandviçler yapmayı öğren, yumurta ile yapılabilen kolay tarifler bul,kahvaltı tabağı hazırla, sanat ve müzik ile kahvaltı yap ya da sevdiğin bir video izleyerek.
Matteo O.
If you don’t like eating breakfast try to start small , have a few spoons of yogurt with fruit, or a smoothie. Breakfast is what fuels your day so you need to start it right.
Eli J.
I am terrible with breakfast too. I am up at 6 in the morning in hope that I will get hungry before leaving for work at 7.30am but have not had any hunger pangs so I bring a banana and an apple just in case I do get hungry before lunch and sometimes I would cook a couple hard boiled eggs. Hope this helps.
Maja W.
I have a nice sweet breakfast with yoghurt l, homemade granola with hony in it and some mixed berrys. It is healthy and yet nice en sweet. It fills you up for a good start of the day but is verry tasty.
Jeff C.
I'd say starting small is better than nothing! If you don't like eggs, maybe just have a piece of fruit with a bit of peanut butter, if that isn't for you either, maybe a smoothie? Another great way to drink your breakfast is carnation instant breakfast. It is available in three different flavors and you just mix it with regular milk or any other kind you like! I enjoy making a pb and banana breakfast smootie and adding carnation instant for a chocolately flavor. There are also great recipes on platforms like Pinterest that have different healthy coffee smoothie ideas! Hope this helps.
Carl O.
Breakfast is the most important meal to start the day; starry by drinking breakfast,as in, breakfast shakes as in those " Boost" or "Carnation instant brkfst drinks" these may rev up your brkfst hunger. You may also start with some toast. I try drinking one with every meal + in between when i can't think of what to have for brkfst,lunch ext….drink those..GOOD LUCK with your brkfst menu…
Owen P.
I’ve heard of a lot of people recently skipping breakfast foods, if that’s your dislike! Eat a sandwich for breakfast if that’s more your style. I started making breakfast cookies myself— they’re similar to granola bars but feels more like a treat.
Benjamin U.
Prepare something you really like eating! Also – get used to it. If you do it consistently every morning then your body will eventually crave it!
Hans Peter T.
Just eat something small like a cup of yogurt or yogurt drink, half of a banana, or a few slices of apple. Try anything small and healthy and that's all you need 🙂
Mildred O.
I do intermittent fasting/ omad ( one meal a day) I only eat at 2:00pm nothing before or after. You can have your first meal at 12 which is still considered breakfast. Just click that you still had breakfast on fabulous app, it still counts.
Clifton A.
It depends why you don’t like breakfast: If it’s because it’s a hassle to make in the morning when you’re in a rush, then prep something the night before. If it’s because you don’t like traditional breakfast foods then eat something different that you do like. Choose your favourite foods (& know that you can eat higher calories at breakfast than other mealtimes because you have the day ahead in which to burn the calories off!)
M Lani Q.
I like oatmeal raisin cookies homemade instead of plain oatmeal. Get creative about what you like to eat, breakfast is just food at the start of your day. For me that's 6pm!
Rachel Q.
Start small with a piece of fruit and if you get used to that start a bigger breakfast. Or maybe a protien shake is more your style. Also dont be afraid to eat non "breakfast foods". Breakfast can be what ever you want it doesnt have to be pancakes.
Corey O.
Having dinner a lot earlier helps being hungry in the morning. Is also good to have the so called 12h fasting. Maybe trying a savoury breakfast instead could help. In my case, eating an apple always boosts my appetite.
Signe B.
I work out in the morning so it’s important for me to have something on my stomach before I go I’m not a breakfast person either so I grab a handful of nuts a banana or an egg something that’s not heavy or even a protein shake or a bar may help you get into the practice of having something rather than nothing
Alexander X.
I am not a breakfast person as well. But it helped that I made a list of all the breakfast food that I really like or maybe food that I can eat any time of the day and then try to eat them in the morning.
Karl Ludwig E.
I don’t believe in eating when you’re not hungry, so if you really don’t want to eat when you wake up, don’t. Drink water, have tea or coffee, and then eat when you do feel hungry. But maybe think about if you really don’t want breakfast or if you’ve internalized some message about eating breakfast, that skipping breakfast is a way to stay thin, for instance. I don’t like a big meal first thing, but I do drink water, have coffee and eat something small, like fruit with yogurt or toast with jam. Good luck!
Lemuel C.
If you dont like eating breakfast,heres a tip…
Eat one of your favourite foods like maybe pancakes.If you like it you will like breakfast more.
K The A.
Try with small quantity of the food that you like the most and then gradually you can try different options. Try having enough time in the morning for breakfast. Few people skip it due to busy schedule.
Grete J.
Start small, from a piece of toast in the morning to overnight oats or a protein bar, breakfast biscuits or yoghurt. Just try to have least something small every morning
Erica E.
Breakfast can be anything; a bit of fruit.., a smoothie or protein shake; whatever! Some people like a savory breakfast; in some Asian cultures it’s congee, which I think is rice based. Do you eat in the morning at all? You don’t have to eat breakfast the moment you wake up; maybe you’d like something a bit later in the morning. I don’t think you should force yourself to eat breakfast just for the sake of this app, if that’s not what you normally do. However, maybe a little brekky is the thing that will kickstart your energy levels in the morning? In which case start small, with something that you enjoy eating, and call that breakfast. Enjoy!
Terry J.
Remember what your favorite breakfast was as a kid or even what it is now and make that! This way you will look forward to having breakfast! You can also make the healthier alternative of this favorite meal if you love pancakes for example, you can make almond flour pancakes with sugar free syrup 😃
Habacuc F.
Start with a small tasty snack “after” your 8 oz of water upon waking up. Get your motor running and it may get you motivated toeat too?
Sophie O.
I understand that we humans like to do things in routine like manners. We go to bed after it gets dark and we like to eat a treat of some kind after a full dinner such as special desserts at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. These rituals and routines we don’t necesssarily think to do we’re just in the habit of doing it. So it is with anything people get into a habit doing. But with the eating breakfast habit, you’ve been asleep all night and haven’t had anything to eat so the next morning your stomach is ready for some food—-ready to break the fast—-ready for breakfast: so naturally you want to put food into your mouth and down your throat into your stomach. If you’ve had a midnight stack or your body rhythms have gotten off by improper sleeping and eating habits you might want to get back into proper sleeping and eating to begin experiencing your morning meal hunger for food aka breakfast. You won’t want to eat real heavy foods like steak but foods like eggs and sausage so as not to put a strain on your digestive system after not eating for 6 to 8 hours.
Jeanne Z.
I had the same issue. Start by just forcing yourself to eat a little each morning. Eventually, you'll become a breakfast person. Good luck!
Isabete Z.
You don't have to like it. Just find something quick and easy that will do the trick. Drinking water in the morning is most important
Alexandra S.
Well you can always start by experimenting with different foods you like or eating something different. Like instead of having breakfast for dinner try to have dinner for breakfast. My personal struggle with eating breakfast is that I don’t like heavy food to sit on my stomach at the beginning of the day. So, I try to eat something light like maybe some fruit and turkey sausage. Eggs are a great breakfast option, but can be heavy depending on how you make them. It’s all about figuring out what’s right for you and taking small steps. I hope that helped!
Liva W.
There is lots of (academic) research supporting eating breakfast but there is also research supporting the opposite (ie you dont have to eat breakfast). So re-think you’re pro breakfast stance if after trying it for a bit it isn't beneficial to you. Do note that you cannot claim you’re skipping breakfast if you have a sugary coffee drink or eating other unhealthy food, no matter how small. That being said , you can increase your morning appetite if you stop eating after 5-6pm or by exercising in the morning . Also, make something delicious, preferably beforehand so you only have to re-heat (eg make a try of ham and gruyere egg muffins) and start small (eg sliced apples with nut butter topped with some hempseed, if you don't eat them all you can snack on it later).
Vanessa F.
Honestly I didnt like breakfast either but just grit your teeth through it, and make sure you have at least a banana or a yogurt cup or something when you wake up for at least a week. After about a week my body wakes up starving and I have to shove something in my mouth, so I guess it's enjoyable now because it stops me from being hungry?