What apps do you use for exercise? And do you exercise in the morning or later in the day?

Sol Ne O.
I exercise after work in the evening, before dinner. I use YouTube for yoga videos, the Nike Training Club app for other workouts, and Pacer for tracking runs.
Craig O.
I chose yoga as my exercise, and I use Down Dog for it. If you want a more traditional workout, Keep is amazing for that.
Renato F.
I don’t use app I try many of them but I haven’t problem to exercise without app..Sometimes morning Sometimes afternoon or evening…I have 24hour shifts…not regularly
Gladys Z.
I dance rather than workout traditionally and it’s just my thing . It makes it more fun and I look forward to doing it . My work schedule is inconsistent so I usually exercise in the evenings or put on my headphones and dance around the house while doing dishes, cleaning and stuff or go on walks with headphones on 🙂
Seth Z.
No apps per say, using the free angry birds workout from nerd fitness, and intermixing that with a stretch/Pilates day. For warmup it’s interchangeable between jump rope and jumping jacks. In both cases I do neck and shoulder stretches beforehand.
Following the morning routine style of AoM, so exercise first thing followed by breakfast, then getting ready for the rest of my day.
Gino Q.
Gaia, Beachbody, C25K. I try to always exercise in the morning before 8:00 AM, however I will workout whenever in a pinch.
Isobel O.
I use the Tone It Up App (free). You get a different workout every day, 5 excersizes that you need to do 3×15. On days when I don't have to go to work I try to workout in the morning, otherwise in the evening after work.
Irma W.
The earlier you workout, the less likely you are to realize that you are, in fact, exercising! I workout at 5 am, otherwise I might be too tired later on.
Charlotte S.
I don the use an app to exercise actually. I own a rower that I use. I don't hse it after meals or I get cramps. So I would do it in the afternoon, or later in the day.
Elsie Z.
I don’t use any app for excercise because i go to gym everyday where i train. But i do use under armour MyFitnessPal app to track my calories because i have to gain weight and eat accordingly.

I believe excercising in morning the reason is 1. Your body is well rested from night before 2. Our body is fresh and energetic to do workout. This also helps over the day with energy

Thibaut A.
I exercise when I can. But I do set a goal for the day and the week. Making that goal feels good, but split it up so you can make a part of your goal as well. (goal: run 4 times this week. Result: 3 out of 4 which is really good!)
Araci T.
Due to some health problems I have been advised not to run.
So my routines are fast walking, exercise bike and strength training.
I am lucky enough to drive though the new forest to and from work, so I love my walks in the forest as the views and smells help me relax and clear my head.
I use Samsung fit app for step counting, map etc.
If the weather is bad I use the exercise bike, there are plenty of apps to use, I have one which gives you workouts to follow, beeps when you need to sprint or slow down, so you can put something on TV, and place your phone to the side.
Finally I use a app/site called hasfit.
This isn't free but a man and his wife do loads of videos to follow and they create month programs to follow which include cardio, strength training, muscle building, yoga, hilt, tabia and yoga, stretching etc.
They do warm ups and cool downs and videos last between 15mins and 1hr.
Annette Y.
I don't really use any apps. Typically, I reference to all of my workouts that my trainer has done with me and create a written plan before I even walk in the gym. I use a timer to count down for planks and other times exercises. I work out first thing in the morning, however, sometimes the moment I begin to crash (around 2-3 pm), is the best moment to work out. I often surprise myself and care less about what others think of me and am able to accomplish a great (weird thought, I know). Gyms often intimidate me and I have to work towards owning the space. I think having something you look forward to like an awesome playlist aligned with your workouts or what I love to do is listen/watch audible through whisper sync. I also find that watching the news while on a treadmill with the captions on while listening to music is calming.
Louisa P.
I don't use any apps… I prefer to play with videos and I prefer to exercise in the morning but due to my work I often exercise later
Mato F.
I use openfit. It's $90 for the year, and a few months in, they send you coupons for free full sizes of their protein powders (worth $90).
Victoria Y.
YouTube regimens. I don't feel like a brisk 10 minute workout really pushes me so I do a HIIT workout beforehand. After cardio I then get into shorter workouts to target specific muscle groups. I exercise first thing in the morning so I don't ever feel too full of food to exercise and it makes me focus for the entire rest of the day.
Willibald P.
Hi there, I use a Freeletics app, which is available on subscription and includes: Freeletics Gym, Freeletics Running, Freeletics Nutrition and Freeletics (for free-weight training). I do a light training every morning, and go for around three ordinary free-weight sessions every week. At the same time I go to gym usually three times a week.
Ken O.
I use the app provided by the gym to manage my exercises.
Usually I walk 30 min in the morning and gym + walking in the night
Bob T.
Personally, I don't use any apps. I stretch when I first wake up, and after breakfast I take our dog for a brisk walk. Sometimes later in the day, if I feel like I need a little bit more exercise, I go to YouTube. My favorite workout channel is Blogilates. Her workouts are quick but efficient.
Est Ban E.
It might be a cheating but I use the time I walk when going to work as exercise. And with the inspire I got from completing"exercise" each day, I started 5/10 minutes workouts at the evening routine
Marjorie O.
I workout in the morning. At 8 am. That’s after coffee and before breakfast. If I don’t go in the morning I just won’t go. So this is best for me.
I use the Fitbit app because I got one for my 50th birthday. I really love it.

Lola E.
A little bit of both.. at least 8 mins minimum, twice a day. Usually the hardest part is starting, once your at the gym or starting an active project. It’s all down hill after it’s begun.
Dwayne Z.
I have a Garmin watch and use the Connect app that goes with it, before that I had a Fitbit. At the moment because I’m getting back into exercise I’m doing it after work, as the weather warms up, I will hopefully start doing morning work outs.
Julie P.
Em geral busco exercicios no YouTube, alguns se curta durção para o inicio da manhã assim que levanto. Em geral são alongamentos, ou algo que trabalhe bravemente a musculatura. Os exercicios ou treinos maid pesados prefiro fazer mais tarde.
Noah N.
Fitbit, bodbot, bodybuilding.com, and thenx. I try fotting a small 15 minute exercise or yoga session in the morning (5am) and naother arter work
Jennifer P.
Exercise morning
Light yoga at night
Dance afternoons
Stretch throughout the day
YogaStudio is the only exercise app I use
Raphaela F.
I love the Apple Watch app. It syncs up every single thing you’re doing as long as you’re wearing the watch. I tend to work out in the morning so I can get my day started.
Jamie E.
I use class pass for exercise, it gets me out of the house. Either that or couch to 5k. I try and do my exercise in the morning or before lunch. Either way the first thing I do after drinking water every morning is take the dogs on a walk so the blood is already flowing.
Ion Z.
Body bot and I exercise in the morning. So then I can have breakfast and coffee. Because I can't have anything to eat or drink when working out. I throw up…. so it works for me.
Silas U.
I have a Fitbit and I exercise first thing the morning. It's the only time I have both time and energy. I'm rubbish after 2:30 so I know it's pointless to try schedule exercise after that because it wont happen
Hort Nsia S.
I used to use the couch to 5K app to learn how to run. I may go back to that as I start feeling better. I exercise in the mornings because it sets the mood for the whole day. But if I miss the morning, I’ll take a long walk with my dog in the evening.
Kelly C.
I use the Kaged Muscle app as well as the Dr. Muscle app for my weight training. I tend to prefer weight lifting at 6pm in the evening. On the other hand, I prefer running in the morning.
Camila Q.
I don't use a fitness app, just to monitor time and burnt calories with the samsung health. I do my own drills.
I exercise during the day
Tyrone Y.
For exercise apps, I use a few by Leap Fitness Group (mainly the Flexibility Training app). I also use Goole Fit and My Fitness Pal to track activity and calorie consumption. Right now, I have a rather random schedule consisting of 12hr shifts, so I tend to do stretching in the evening before going to bed when I get home. On my days off, I stretch in the morning. I'm trying to put a schedule together where I will involve fat burning and strengthening exercises.
Cindy S.
I excercise in the morning after waking up.
I don't use any apps, I use the excercises from Fabulous or I go for a bike ride, high pace walk.
It would be nice if Fabulous would be sync/connected/partnered with a fitness app
Jennie E.
I tried many different app both for exercise and for eating healthy, till I surprisingly settled on one that in my opinion is best for both. And the name of it is 8fit. I pay $60 per year, $5/month, and I get like a personal nutritionist and a personal trainer. I haven't been working out steadily before, now I am! I've not been eating healthy before, now I am! 8fit makes it easy and fun and I love it! I'm not affiliated with this app in any way, I'm not earning money from them and I'm paying for it just like you would but I am a big fan of them, they changed my life!
Lukas O.
Seven, morning as I feel most benefit then although on alternate days also long routine at night to relieve pent up stresses of day
Rosa G.
I run before breakfast, and usually exercise in the early evening to keep me energized until it’s time for bed. Fabulous has some good exercises built into it. I also like “Seven”, but not enough to renew my subscription. 🙂
Alma U.
I like to exercise in the morning because that makes me more awake, happy, and energized. When I do it in the afternoon it makes it hard to sleep
Barb Q.
I don’t use an app. I actually follow blogilates on YouTube and I’ve been loving the workouts she does. I prefer to exercise later in the day
Eric J.
I used the Fitbit App, the Google Fit App, and the Samsung Health App. I mostly work out in the morning, since I know that working out gives me a massive energy boost and I understand it's a very good way to start your day. I'm loving these healthy habit building this app is helping me with.
Yvete S.
So far I never use any apps for excercising. I watch YouTube, DVDs I've bought or just exercising using my own skills as I'm an athlete before like running, pilates or just playing basketball. I don't have planned strict schedule to exercise whether in the morning or evening because I might be busy sometimes so monirng or evening both works for me. But I prefer in the evening where there is more time for me.