How intensely do you work out?

Lujain Z.
For me i workout for 30 min a day because I don't have any time because I am in grade 7 but the vacation is coming so could do better in that time
Laura N.
I do the 7/9 minute workout every morning. The best thing about that is you can put in as much or as little effort as you like. If one morning I’m really not feeling it, I’ll do more gentle exercise. If I’m full of energy, I’ll give it my all! The important bit for me is doing it everyday to form the habit.
Th O S.
The workouts I do are medium difficulty but to me, a person who is not used to working out, they are really intense, not impossible but intense. I use a weekly plan based on YouTube videos by a fitness influencer called Pamela Reid.
Dorian O.
On days when I'm really into it, I go as hard as I can.. like an 8 or 9 (on a scale of 10). On days when I don't feel like it, I try to muster a 5 or 6
Marcia A.
I used to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, for an hour before the pandemic. However, my routine switched up a lot since then and I tried various at-homr methods. I've been using this app to keep me more accountable with working out and so far it's working. I started out with randomly dancing to a favorite song for the 7-minute span on a daily basis and then I began to integrate short workout videos (7-15minutes) from YouTube. Today I finally returned to the gym, but only worked out for an hour. I'm going to continue with the short videos and try to make it to the gym at least once a week for 30 minutes, until I work my way back to my 1 hour routine.
Amber L.
In the mornings I do a small 5 minute yoga to start my day. I do a more intense workout later, like 3 times a week. But keeping that morning routine helps insure that I don't skip it, and that I'm always taking that small step for myself.
Lioba C.
For the first week I started this app, I took it more easy, but then I made it more hard for myself as I went along, I hoped this helped you
Neneh I.
A couple of dance classes per week (online for the moment) and in the mornings I try to do different things: couple of songs dancing, fysiotherapy exercises or 4 minute ab workout
Benete Q.
It depends on what goal I'm working towards. If I'm doing theraputic work (which is about half of it) it's not as intense as if I'm strength training or doing cardio. Just know your limits, don't overdo it and get help from a trainer.
Eckard T.
When I workout in the morning, I don't do intense workouts. Instead, I do at least a 10 minute yoga workout to help get the blood flowing after sleeping. The stretches wake up my body to then continue with getting ready.