How do you manage to sweep away all the things that steal the place of the exercise habit?

Avelino Z.
There was one day this week that I didn’t manage it and it felt awful. I schedule the exercise in places that I have time and I think about my end goal often.

Vadim J.
I'm not managing well, but when I do it's either from going to the gym straight after work, or talking to myself until I rationalize that all the things getting in the way can, in fact, wait for an hour.

Tilde C.
I make sure to always set a time for exercise. Whether im just doing a few jumping jacks after using the restroom because I don’t have much time to workout or if I’m in a big exercise type of mood, I love it. To me exercise is extremely important in making me feel better about myself, making me feel physically healthier, and for endorphins to make you feel happier. If you have a motive to why you exercise and why you learned to love it you will succeed in that and in anything! GOOD LUCK!!!

Francyelle Q.
Since the exercise regiment is so light, I try to do things while simultaneously getting other habits done. Brushing my teeth and doing squats. Cleaning extensively around the house instead of sitting on my phone, and dancing instead of just listening to music.

Elmer N.
I try to exercise as soon as I wake up and not allow anything else to come first. And if I am short on time, I do just a couple of minutes of stretching instead, but I do at least something.

Traude T.
I have fun, usually dancing at random intervals. I have to be honest though, the groove doesn't usually show up until later in my day. I'm a night owl so I tend to be fast asleep or just starting to fade during the"morning" routine. I have not developed much in the way of exercising first thing in the morning. I'm thinking maybe if I set an alarm to some wake up music that I like to dance to, maybe that'll be my getgo! Maybe we'll see tomorrow. 😉

Serenity C.
I have a timing plan. Figure out when I need to leave house and work backwards from that to fit it in. The I have many back ups. I have a short yoga routine that literally can do in the space beside my bed before I go anywhere else. I walk my dogs that necessity prevents obstacles from getting in the way. I dance while getting ready if it needs to be integrated into the existing get ready time. Also, I prepare everything for the day the night before so little effort is required for anything other than exercise. 25 years ago I lost over 100lbs and kept it off using these little routine supporting actions that built into a whole new life. Last idea I had to change my identity to a person that persisted no matter how little the action was and no matter how long it took. Just practicing this new way of thinking changed me from someone that didn't think if I would exercise to a person who thought how will I exercise. If skipping exercise isn't an option skipping exercise is not a problem. Broken leg not a problem crutch walking is serious exercise, flu no problem fresh air helps everything.

Tilde P.
I try to do my exercise routine first, to preempt all other sources of “things to do” (family, work, to-di-lists etc.) from taking over

Rachel Z.
I do some exercise, just ten minutes, as soon as I wake up, after I have had my water and before my mind is able to find fake reasons to be lazy. Some exercise in the morning calls for more exercise during the day.

Wilma G.
I don't think it's possible to sweep them all away, particularly if you have a partner and/or family to consider. These are part of your life too and sometimes you need to yield to their needs. What I think is important is not to beat yourself up for missing a session, accept that this time you couldn't do your exercise and look forward to the next session with extra anticipation.

Carolyn Z.
Exercise comes first. I know I need to do it first thing or I won’t do it! Sometimes other things don’t get quite done though

Gina X.
I already had it in my mind to excercise. It wasn’t just this app. I knew I would get to it eventually here so I prepared myself. I drink water as I wake up. Then I cook for myself. Then I take a moment to work my muscles with a program I like. I look at it all as self care. Like taking a shower or brushing my teeth, I guess? I don’t look at is as a chore but something my body needs. I tell myself I feel better if I eat breakfast in the morning, right? So I say: I’ll feel better if I move more in the morning. It’s my trick.

Manon O.
I don’t, I just adjust the excersize to the moment I’ve set aside for that day. If the day is really involved I do a shorter excersize session. Or if there’s no that much happens ing I’ll go longer. I also notice I do my excersize later at night or earlier in the morning when I have more personal time.

Lars O.
I don't. The exercise habit is hard for me, but you need a rather small space to do some situps and pushups/yoga. Decide the night before what you'll be doing and do it as early as possible. Just use it as a fuel kickstarter. Do your real workout later on the day until je feel that you have a routine. I noticed I actually miss the waterbottle when I'm away from home. Things you actually like will stick, others will fade eventually. Hope that answers your question.

Tracy J.
My exercise habit is maximum 5 min in the morning. I YouTube a 5min workout at home and get it done right after drinking my morning glass of water. In the beginning I kept telling myself it’s only 5mins l, hang in there, but now I find the 5min to start feeling a bit short.. I think the key is to do something even if it’s for as little as 5min then slowly increase the time or intensity of the workout. The workout become a goal and I find myself feeling more energized and athletic.

Hope that answers your question. 🙂

Jessie R.
I’m focusing on consistency rather than duration, so if I can only do 10 min a day, that’s what I do rather than an occasional 30 minutes, etc.

Hans Adolf W.
I found something I want to do. That helps a lot. On mornings that it seems really hard I check to see if I havw had a rest day. Rest is a form of exercise. I only allow once a week. Then I decide do I want to use that day today or not. Often times its no I want to save it for one of my days off and I get up and go do my exercise. Remember even 15 minutes of a exercise is better than nothing and a caise to celebrate for those tougher days.

Charly T.
Start with the 7 minute exercise video in Fabulous to establish the habit and try to do it before the day gets off and running. If even 7 minutes will make you late, do the 2 min ab workout. Exercising vigorously for 2-7 minutes every day is better than waiting weeks to find an hour and a half. Once you’re back in the daily exercise groove, you can start to find pockets where you can put a longer workout into your schedule and make it more of a priority, but you always have your quick fix going in the morning. The real key,though, is doing something you enjoy doing …play tennis,dance,walk,garden…whatever brings you joy in the doing will keep you doing it…so if you don’t enjoy those videos or yoga or exercise, find an activity that gets you moving that you enjoy.
Check out the videos at for some 60 second fun health motivation for the whole family.

Jennie P.
I'm a big picture thinker. My wife says Id be a great boss as long as I hired a team of ideas people. That means when it comes to daily exercise, I like to start with the big picture and work backwards. I try to picture and really embrace and fill out the picture of me in 30 years, happy and healthy, exercising, playing with my kids, running marathons.

Then I come back to the present and remember the steps, one foot in front of another to get to that vision.

Alexander Z.
I manage by putting water on the dresser and forget the stuff that I want to do and then I do the exercises and yoga, plus walk 2.5 and I sweat and then I feel like Heaven has come down in me. PURE HEAVEN

Claudemiro S.
Well I know exercise will get me where I want so I always have that thought! Treat yo self at the end of the week if you Exercise every day for 1 week this will sure make you happy on Sunday!

Katrine C.
I know the results of my exercise…. health benefits better sleep better mood I also enjoy my exercise I have chosen. I want to do what benefits me and others. I remember my mother exercising which has helped me so I might also inspire others to enjoy exercising.. and the counties health bills maybe reduced.

Miriam Q.
I started small and tried to fit small chunks of exercise into my day. I asked the hubs to help with the process to get his buy in. Lastly I connected these chunks to a trigger and made them part of a routine using the app.

Marinelza Q.
I use the app 7 which is seven-minute exercises. This allows me to keep my habit up even when I don’t have a lot of time. There aren’t many things that can’t wait 7 minutes!

Astrid X.
I attempt to break up my goal into small incraments throughout the day. Example, I will use the stair instead of the elevators at work, I split my lunch time in half and use the other half to walk outside for extra steps. When I feel sluggish I skip the afternoon snack and I’ll do a few jumping jacks or jog in place in the women’s locker room at work. This all adds up and by the end of my shift I get close to a 30minute workout in.

Mia Z.
I exercise on an incline trainer, so I can use my time on the machine to listen to podcasts or to watch frivolous tv shows on my phone. I am trying to link exercise with reward in my mind. The hardest thing for me is just deciding to get out of bed in time.

Annelise F.
I will answer that with a question! What is your priority? Whatever I do, whether it’s work, the kids, shopping, or even church. At the end of the day I have to put in time for me!

Barry R.
By making it instantaneous and barrier free.

I decided to roll out of bed and literally before doing anything (no bathroom, no teeth, no clothes) do 50 squats. With no effort it became habitual.

Freja C.
To sweep away all the things that interfere with exercise, I would get a new job where my boss was encouraging and supportive and guided me to advance my career. I would work around healthy supportive people.

I would incorporate exercise into my daily routine with my family.

I would register for 5ks to walk them with friends or family, I would strength train 2 times a week, do yoga 1 time a week, and find a new way to do cardio where my hip doesn’t hurt.

I would buy a brand new cool. Ike and start riding with my friend Ashli in the morning or with my son and husband at night

I would join the gym orange theory and go exercise with my friend Peggy once a week

Carolin F.
I built exercise into my weekday routines. In the morning, i changed my drop off point so that I have a 20 min walk to get to work. In the evenings, I do the same / I walk 1 km to the next train stop for my commute home. On weekends my husband is my accountability partner – we take an hour and go down the basement to work out in our home gym together.

Leslie W.
Diarise exercise. Early am is best for most of us. Split exercise up into 2 or 3 x 10 mins and really go for it with a quick warm up and cool down.

Amado S.
Exercise in the morning after meditation. Meditation and exercise are most important in supporting the joy and positivity in my mind, body and spirit. I do those in the morning before distractions can get in the way.

Cl Sio Q.
The “carrot” of exercising means more. And if something does come up, do exercising later if you can – or a different type later. Just keep moving 🙂

Chad O.
For me, personally, I have committed to go to Crossfit first thing in the morning. Either at 5:30am or at 7:30am, depending on my day’s schedule (that I write down in my daily To Do List). But I also committed to the 7 minute run (adding 30 seconds each day). On Monday I was scheduled to run for 8 minutes, and asked myself, “How can I do this?” It was my first day back as a substitute teacher. After I arrived, signed in, got my key, and found my classroom, the lesson plans told me that I had 20 minutes before the students would arrive. So I went to the gym where 100 elementary students were aitting waiting for the bell to ring for them to go to class. I told one of the adults in charge that I needed to run for 8 minutes. She said, “They will probably watch you.” I didn’t care. So she announced loudly: “This is Mrs. Hill’s substitute. She is going to run for 8 minutes. You cannot run with her!” So I set my iPhone timer and ran around the gym for 8 minutes. Then I checked it off my morning routine!

Christina T.
I wake up 5.00 AM, 1-1,5 hour before my wife and our 1.5 yo daughter. This gives me the time to exercise. Make your own space for yourself, and just do it.

Ann A.
I'm trying to change my idea of exercise. Not to see it as having to do something traditional, like aerobics or a workout. But rather, accepting that it can anything: vigorous housecleaning (dancing while vacuuming or hardcore tub scrubbing); parking further away or getting off a stop earlier and doing a brisk walk the rest of the way; power walking the grocery store aisles while carrying a jug of milk in each hand; or, anything that makes a normal activity more…active. 🙂

Frederikke C.
I made exercising or walking literally the first thing I do in the morning after eating breakfast. If you get up earlier and give yourself the extra time to work out before the day gets too busy you have a much better chance of getting it done every day