What do you do if you get bored while working out?

Marc T.
I find that watching videos (educational, motivating, self learning videos lately) make time go faster when doing cardio.
Otherwise, I put on high pump music and make sure I am doing a workout that will push me and keep me in the zone. If I'm feeling like I'm not putting in enough effort, my mind wanders to anything but what I'm doing. Know your routine and just push it.
Michael U.
I try to do something that pushes me harder to prevent getting bored. Otherwise you can always take out your phone and turn on netflix or youtube or listen to some of your favorite music. It's also really helpful personally to try and keep my self focused on working out and pushing myself. When I do this, I usually have a much more beneficial and overall just better workout.
Hans Ulrich S.
If I feel bored working out, then I need different music at the least, and probably a different workout with more moves!
Darian Q.
I try to listen to really upbeat music while I workout. If that doesn’t work I just try to finish up and try it again later if I have time
Zeus U.
Try playing songs which you like….It can be melodies, metal or whatever u want….songs which make blood flow through your veins…
Helena E.
I try to have music while I work out, or maybe even a TV show I’ve watched before, that helps with not getting bored and even motivates me to do more than I normally would.
K Z.
Follow a video that provides motivation and encouragement. Do a more dynamic workout that forces mental concentration to complete, like an intense yoga, or a dynamic hiit
Jasmine L.
put in music, watch a show, practice a speech or (something you want to memorize) if none of these things work take a break and try to re-motivate yourself!