I’m trying to do some kind of exercise every day. Can cleaning (3 hours) count as exercise ? What about reaching 10,000 steps? Do I still need to do some more “traditional” exercise ?

Andy O.
I guess in either of those two examples if the exercise is done at a slow pace or leisurely then it might not count as exercise. On the other hand it's not sitting on the sofa eating chips. so it's a move in the right direction. You need to raise your heart rate for it to be cardiovascular benefit. I would highly recommend the fabulous 7 minutes exercise routine . It's a mixture of cardiovascular and gentle muscle exercise
Maddi Z.
I think it's important to get your heart rate up. So maybe if you are jogging in place while doing dishes or folding laundry, then count it!
Melissa O.
I feel like if youre not normally active these things would count. But i think after a certain point your body will become used to it and you might have to add other exercise
Aurelino Y.
That definitely can count as long as you're breaking a sweat. Although you might want to think about doing a ten minute exercise sometime during the day so your heart rate can get up to the target as usually cleaning never gets me up there. Cleaning will definitely get up to those 10,000 if you are doing it for 3 hours.
Olga N.
Not to long after the pandemic started, I decided to do the 10,000 steps a day. I use another app called fit and that's great as well. This month I increased to 12,000 steps. Our bodies are already use to cleaning the house. We have to push ourselves to exercise but don't over do. Start small and work up.
Ugo A.
Well, if your looking to lose substantial weight, I would do a little more if u have the time in your day. If your just trying to stay healthy, that sounds good. Also, if a gym membership or a run doesn't fit into your day, then just mindful eating and movement is always good.
Magda C.
No, cleaning and 10000 stephs a day impact your activity level but none of them equals exercises. They won't raise your heart rate or improve your musculature as exercises would so they won't entail many benefits of exercising.
Jack C.
I think cleaning absolutely counts as exercise and that 10k steps is the perfect goal. It won't make you a body builder but it will contribute to a healthier lifestyle for sure.
Kirsten X.
Cleaning counts as exercise so does teaching 10,000 steps. It depends on the FITT principle. Frequency. Intensity. Time ( duration ). Type or exercise. Look into this more is what
I recommend. The more of any or all of those
4 pillars the more you are getting out of your time doing these things.
Adam I.
I see where you are coming from, however the task is not necessarily to do an exercise, but to build a habit of exercising. I agree that cleaning can be a pretty good workout, but ask yourself the question: Does it really make you feel like the purpose of it is your physical wellbeing and bettering yourself? I would probably stick with something a bit more traditional, it doesn't necessarily need to be lifting weights or running, feel free to find an exercise that you enjoy (e.g. yoga, cycling) anything that takes you out of your ordinary day, as its purpose is to build a habit that is only to improve yourself (kind of, but a regular exercise has many other benefits). 10 000 steps is a considered minimum to do in a day for an average office worker, I would not call it exercise. Don't misunderstand, walking is great and many people should do it, however it is not necessarily exercise. I hope that helped to clarify and I wish you good luck! 🙂
Selma Z.
Both are good activities for keeping your body active. I would recommend adding like a 20 min strength workout routine 3x week. Either body weight like push ups, pull ups, over head claps, overhead arm lifts, squats, lunges, crunches and planks. You could do like 3 sets of each with as many reps as your comfortable doing. Or if you have access to weights a traditional strength workout. Additionally, the 10,000 steps is great for cardio health. If your comfortable with jogging you could add a fast walk for 1/2 mile and slow jog for 1/2 mile total: 1 mile. You should keep your times and try to improve each week. I would recommend The walk/jog just once a week since your getting your steps in. Great job! Take care
楊雅婷 N.
I don't consider cleaning as an exercise, however, it's better than doing nothing if you don't have enough time. Reaching 10,000 steps is great on the other hand.
Most important of all, save some fixed tine for exercise everyday my friend.
Janina M.
Well I guess it's up to you, activity is important, going sports or walking outside is always nice, probably biggest thing about it is how systematically you make it
Ma L Q.
Well in my perspective I think cleaning is a workout. Usually when I clean I’m dripping sweat and you’re moving even more if you’re cleaning for 3 hours. I feel like walking is an exercise too just more low intensity but it’s a great way to keep active and not live such a se sedentary lifestyle
Ravindra O.
I believe anything physical that helps your body stretched and muscle movements is exercise. Before cleaning start with 5 minutes quick stretch. Completing 10k steps is also a form of exercise.