What type of exercise is good to silence the mind?

Paula J.
Exercise that involves concentration. I am an avid equestrian, and nothing clears my mind better than riding my horse. When I'm riding, I am completely focused on my horse, and how it is moving beneath me. The world disappears, and it's just me and my horse.
Birgit N.
One where you have to concentrate fully on your movement or body. And this is not only yoga as you might think. Also, dancing HIIT or any type of team sport requires concentrating on the current moment and prevents you from thinking about other things
Esteban C.
The mind is a persistent little devil when it wants to. Usually, to silence it, you need to do something difficult and convoluted, like sports, competitions, or something that when you aren't fully there your life could be in danger (like extreme sports). What I love to do for this is rock climbing
Catlin O.
I like hiit with explosive movements to help clear my mind. The more my body is doing the more I can focus on that and not my thoughts.
Elsie U.
Yoga or stretching are good examples of exercise to ease or silence the mind. Kickboxing can also ease the mind by releasing all the stress and turn it into the power you put into the workout.
Mille B.
Line dancing. Although new dances are learned it is so much fun. So concentration is needed and laughter is compulsive. Lol x
Patti B.
The only exercise I know that silences my mind if is doing its own thing is to stop and breathe deeply cutting off the thought until I am calm.
Iuliia I.
Yoga and breathing seasons..when you have to concentrate counting your breath or holding position, you don’t have a moment to think about anything else, all you attention is there – on a pose or on the breath
Andrea O.
There are many exercises that can silence the mind but I like to run and do pushups cause that’s what helps me then I do yoga after.
Reha N.
Any exercise is good to clear the mind and this comes from an over thinker .i know you must struggle while doing yoga or meditation so when ever you meditate and have thoughts come up breathe in and as you breathe out think of it as letting the thought go away
Victoria C.
I've found running useful for quieting the mind. It is rhythmic, requires focus, and is challenging without being overwhelming. I find the quieting effects of it to be stronger when I run in the woods.
Esther S.
Yoga!!! I totally advocate for it. An app that’s great for it is called Down Dog. Each instructor’s voice is very soothing and relaxing, which is great with silencing the mind. All the poses are explained at great lengths and even better, the whole practice is on video instead of being a still picture of poses so you can easily see how the model is doing it. Another great thing is you can choose difficulty and different focuses and boosts such as a focus on aerobics or hip stretches. My personal favorite is the end where there’s shavasana (hope I’m spelling that right) where you just lay down, eyes closed and let all your thoughts and worries go. Hopefully you try it out and that this long winded response answers your question lol!
Jayden U.
Yoga is very good for this and when you do this with meditations too you can be rest assured it will help. There are tons of yoga helping videos on YouTube and plenty of Apps on the Google plystore that can help
Justin P.
I think any kind of stretching or yoga is great for silencing the mind. Something that forces you to focus on nothing else but your breath and the present moment