I started with low impact exercise and am taking baby steps, how do I keep motivated?

Ivanise O.
I start by scheduling my workouts on my calendar so they are set in stone. Variety in your workouts will also make a huge impact on staying engaged. Get a workout buddy or accountability partner too.
Tanya Z.
Make it fun, I dance and sing to three of my favourite songs. I also vary what I do so aqua fit,walking the dog, yoga and some gym as well as daily dancing! Lifts my mood when I dance too
Debra N.
Building on what I’ve accomplished and creating new achievable goals along the way
Waltraut F.
I do two primary exercises. During the week, I put my bike on a trainer and ride for 20-30 minutes. During the weekend, weather permitting, I walk 4.5 miles in the woods.
Benjamin A.
You have to do stuff that is fun for you, whether it is taking the dog for a walk, a Zumba class, or learning a new sport like snowshoeing. Another great idea is to join a Meetup group that shares your interest, like a hiking or biking group. Yoga classes are great too. As long as it is fun, you will stay motivated, so try something new that you always thought would be fun to try! Cross fit, a climbing gym. If you are around healthy people practicing your sport, you will also be inspired and motivated by them.
Marvin E.
I believe that Love will inspire you to make any improvements you see fit. So find love and the rest should come together beautifully.. honestly, I know that's what is keeping me optimistic and moving forwards.
Caroline E.
Start by committing to a small session 2 to 5 mins daily. This helped me to get into the routine of going to gym. Once I got use to going, I started increasing my gym activity. Not I'm working on a steady schedule that will help me reach small goals. I want to lose 2 pounds every two weeks.
Suzanna E.
I would say keep a concrete goal in mind. How would you like to look? It may be like a ballerina, an actor or an athlete, something like that. Now don't let yourself be influenced by that image, but remember it so you know that it is in fact possible for one to look like you want and that will make you in a way keep going so that you push yourself towards a healthy life.
Nicoline Z.
The most important thing imho is to show up every day. Keep it small keep it bite sized and the change will come to you. I find when I get excited and overextend myself that’s when I lose motivation. But if I let the change come to me in the form of a simple daily practice it is sustainable. Build the first floor of your practice. Then before you go to the second floor decorate the first floor. Then live in it and make it home. When it is time to expand your home, when you have outgrown it, it will be very clear to you what the next step to take is.
Maxwell E.
I think gradual increase of complexity of exercises is the answer . I use Paul Wade "convict conditioning" , which is just athlete excercises but under marketing souce. What is good in them, they give system of gradual increasing of complexity of excercise. 6 excercises, each has 10 levels. Your goal is to reach 10 level in each of them. You cannot start from 5 or 6 level, so it is like Mario game , but with your own body – from first level to the top.
Kaitlin E.
The best way to motivate yourself is to think of how good you feel after the exercise: energised, confident, free, light. Than, imagine how would it be like to turn those few minutes into a lifetime. With every exercise routine you'll get more powerful and each time it becomes easier.
April P.
Life gets busy so plan your morning the night before. Always do you first before anything else. So do exercise. Do meditate. Do breakfast. Do shower. Then go to work…
Andy X.
Make it a part of a scheduled routine that you do at the same part of the day every day no matter how you feel rather than just doing it "when you feel like it" because you'll rarely feel like it. Also, try to make it as pleasant as possible, like playing a sport, or for example I either run outside when it's really nice out and I want to be outside or I watch TV while I run on my treadmill. I would certainly rather do a light jog while watching TV than do most other work, so it becomes the preferred activity that I do while I procrastinate about other work instead of being the thing that I procrastinate about.
Everett F.
Put the activity into a normal daily routine. Second, get a workout buddy preferably a spouse, and workout I. A morning schedule
Third, make it fun and easy. Nothing too difficult. Play games and activities that bring out competitive part of you
Baptiste S.
Keep going, do your best, track your progress, set the goals and do your best. The harder you work the better you become.
L Cio F.
Try some group classes including ones you are a little nervous of. You will supprise yourself and meet new people to train with
Florence S.
Dont have big longterm goals. Agree with yourself that the only thing you want is exercise more than what you used to. All of those baby steps are more than what you used to so remember to tap yourself on the back and say well done. No matter how unimportant and small step it was. And then do it again next day and the day after. You can do it. It will keep you hoing! Empty head, do it and be satisfied when done. I made 5 half-push-ups today and felt as if I climbed a big mountain. Was crazy! But to me it was as big as that.(to start with I could not do more than two). It is baby steps that counts, they eventualy cause the revolution 😉
Cl O O.
Motivation is a tricky beast. I've found some methods for coaxing her out, but in the end dedication is the more reliable route.

Methods of Motivation:
1) Start with something ridiculously easy. Something so easy it's almost hard NOT to do it. Then build up from there. Example: Walk a lap around your gym to start your workout.
2) Celebrate your wins. Take the time to realize what you've accomplished. Think about what you have done well. Example: I walked around the gym every morning I worked out this week! I'm doing it!
3) Use role models. Find someone you admire and use them for inspiration. Read their books, listen to their speeches, podcasts, YouTube videos. Example: I watch house of cards on Netflix. Those characters are crazy ambitious and driven, it always makes me want to get my act together.

There are several more, but at the end of the day there will be some times it's just hard to get started, and coaxing motivation out of it's cave might not do it. On those days, just take responsibility for owning it. Realize that excuses are just that, excuses. Even if they are good ones, find a way to get it done. Dedication is more reliable and eventually, it starts to look exactly like motivation. You become the beast, you motivate yourself. Good luck friend! You can do it!

Lucas E.
Workout until you feel it in your muscles; then, add a few stretched to the end of the session. Feeling your muscles burn (in a good way) and then stretching them out will release endorphins and help your body look forward to the exercise/stretching session. Then meditate for a minute (or longer) on how you feel. Give yourself a few moments to really feel good after working out. This will lead to a positive association, bringing you back for more. Forgive yourself when you skip a session and remember that now is better than never. Forget the guilt of not starting sooner or being better or missing a day. Just come in ready to experience the pleasure of a good workout that leaves your body feeling great! Good luck!
Jack S.
I am using Nike training plan which is quite brilliant and I don’t need to hire any gym trainer or google all time to see what to work on. As soon as I wake up I do yoga, 20 min daily. You might be confusing or wow, but nike workout takes lot of time and energy, I don’t want to spend my energy early morning on high intensity workout, so I schedule 2-3 times a week Nike workout on gym. At the same time, after using fabulous I see 7 min workout is very useful bring focus and energy to my studies. So I spend every day 20 min of 4 sun salutations, triangle pose, head stand for 1 min mainly.

Above is my dream, I have not strictly followed it every day or week, but when I did I feel very happy and less stressful, in fact today I did that, I guess that’s why, I am writing this much😀

PS: Ignore spelling and grammar mistakes above.

Anna G.
Set an intention for the day. Also instead of saying..I will workout today..ask..Will I work out today? Then say Yes excitedly! This way when questioning, it changes your mindset and you are more likely to stay motivated.Totally did this yesterday and I had the best workout..so I thought..until today.2 days in row! Proud of myself as I haven't been going to the gym in like 3 years due to grief and losses and wasting my money with the gym membership.But I took the baby step yesterday to just go..I did. Felt like I could rule the world had so much energy afterwards.. Then today I was like man I'm not going to go and then changed my mindset and I ended up doing a boxing class ..again feel like I could rule the world! Stay Motivated baby! YOU GOT THIS!💪🏻👋
Aurore O.
Your doing great. Don't give up. As for how to motocross yourself.. Maybe play some music? You can also do your exercise while doing daily chores. In the kitchen :- you can do push up against the counter or do normal stretches, while the food is cooking, etc.
Noelle C.
First of all, keep going no matter what! You want your body to recognize this exercise as a habit, and you will succeed. But my advice would be to keep it in a journal, log how it went and what you did. Then over time itll build up and you will feel like youve achieved something and you can look back at your baby steps and see how much youve grown! And just continue using this app, using a habit tracker like this one makes a huge difference and holds you accountable. Good luck! ♡ – maddy 🙂
C Lestin T.
I like to find a weekly challenge, something new and fun every week. You don't want to get stuck in the same thing over and over again
Louison E.
By making your low impact exercise regularly a part of your routine it is a part of you. Celebrate your small gains, help to maintain motivation.
Holm X.
Do not force yourself, just do it! Don't feel the pressure, think about the benefits and the end result of your efforts.
Gertrude Z.
Start small. Very small. Even if it's to the end of your driveway and back. Even if its picking up weights or barbells. Even a few different reps the when that becomes easy. Go for a bit longer walk or do more reps and positions. Dont do what I did at first and go all in at once. I just shot myself in the foot. If you do, allow yourself to reset. This is how we learn
Karl S.
Start with low number of repetitions, go up 1 per day until it makes you sore. Always stop if something hurts, consistency.