What is the most effective exercise that you do, and why should someone put it into their routine?

Akhil I.
For me, the most effective exercise that a person can do is breathing. Now, many people would wonder that how can an involuntary function of a body become an exercise that everyone definitely needs in their life. In our life we often forget to breathe. Whether the individual is furious, whether he/she is waiting for some sort of results, or he/she is dealing with sorrow.
Now if we look in our own lives, we are those individuals as we go through all those emotions in our life. Practicing breathing can help us humans to regulate our emotions, practice mindfulness when in stress, remain calm in adverse circumstances and overall living a healthy life.
So, for me, breathing is the most crucial exercise that one can do for a better life.


Ella S.
I go to the gym once every week I also do some boxing. I have just started so I'm starting small but it also depends on your cardio and ability.
Muna Z.
I really enjoy walking, it's a great way to get rid of stress throughout the day. 30 min of focusing completely on myself.