How do you get six pack abs?

Kayanat U.
A person can get six pack abs by doing abs workout daily and watching over their diet also being disciplined enough to do all this daily and make it a chain habit
Caroline Q.
You don't get abs if you don't have abs to show, so step one is to hit the gym at start building a solid core, not just crunches by also plank, side to side crunches and medicine ball to a wall. Once you have the muscle too show off and the gym rutine down, you start to focus on your diet. This is super simple and super hard: Balance veggies carbs and healthy calories fairly even, no white sugar and consume less then you burn.

Finally start with a starting picture, this gives you a starting point to compare with and help you move forward

Tassilo F.
Abs are made in the kitchen! You've got to be eating in a way to lose body fat so you can see them. Everyone has them, it's just a layer of fat covering them up. High protein, low carb is the best way to start
Eleni X.
Maybe before the six pack you should care about stronger abs. Have a daily workout ab isolation (about 30 min) and have a healthy diet at the same time . This way you will lose belly weight and your abs will be visible very soon✌🏼