Any suggestions for indoor home workout guides?

Anesia S.
I use social media and YouTube also you can download apps for it or even here on fabulous you can find home workouts which is amazing because you don’t have to leave this app for that. Fabulous has so much to offer.
Iraci Z.
I'll go with the "Yoga" thing. It might seem so simple and boring at first but if you try it with your heart.. you'll find that you direct All of your ENERGY into such a posture for example.. in this posture you'll try to balance, controlling your nerves and exercise your breathing besides it takes less time for me than the usual aerobics workouts you know.
Amber May Z.
You could complete sets of different squats, lunges, Calf raises, push-ups, sit-ups, Birds, chair dips, reverse push-ups, plank and crunches e.g. regular crunches, reverse crunches, double crunches, left crunches, right crunches and bicycle crunches. Making sure to carry them out in intervals, taking breaks every so often so you do not cause too much muscle stain and soreness.
Hope this helps you.
Alfred Z.
Idk, umm probably stay fit and try to make your dream come true, I hope that what I wrote helped because I didn't really understand the question.