How do I get started when I don’t feel like it? Once I’m out there it’s all right but I just can’t seem to motivate myself!! Thanks in advance.

Rachel F.
Start by getting ready. Put on your workout clothes, laying out your workout or yoga mat, whatever you do to get ready. Then try making your goal for 2 minutes, 2 minutes is nothing! Tell yourself that Once your two minutes is up if you still don’t feel like you can do it, you’ll stop. Odds are once you’ve started you’ll just keep going.
Stephanie A.
Sometimes I have to be a little tough with myself. I have to treat myself like a kid and boss myself around. But in a kind way. Usually what I do is I tell myself why I'm doing what I'm doing and tell myself that I am amazing and driven.
Ana Q.
Know your why! Understand why are you doing that, what is your goal with it. If it is for you and you have a really good why, then get out and go. Not always you will be motivated, but if you know the why might help.
Vesy X.
Write down how you feel after your work out. How much more energy you have afterwards. Use this as motivation. You can even write a shorter version with the question why I exercise and put it somewhere you'll gonna see it first thing in the morning bathroom, toilet etc.
Tori F.
When deciding or actively choosing to not get going, think of the positives of going and how you wont regret it like you will if you don't. Try the sage cliche, when in doubt don't. If you are in doubt about staying in and telling yourself excuses on why its OK don't. Just get out there and go
Felipe U.
Is always a challenge to start a new Routine, remember of seeing yourself in the future healthy with new goals, stronger mind and soul.
Th Odore Y.
I’m still learning this myself, but I think persistence and reward. Reward yourself when you accomplish your task, and you’ll have a reward to look forward to. As you persist, and the more times you do it, especially if you enjoy it, the easier it will get. Your body will help you get started when you get started enough times. Like muscle memory!
Hope this helps! Good luck
Richard P.
Count to five. 1,2,3,4,5 Get up from your place at 5. Don't say, maybe later. At 5 you get up and start preparing.
Also, before leaving, go to the mirror and say to yourself-"It is worth it. You are worth it." Smile.
You got this.
Hollie Q.
I have the same problem, but I've figured out that if I get up early with my husband and take an early shower and get ready for the day. I tend to get more done that way…
Togrul M.
Hi there dear -unknown friend.I wish i had an easy and straight answer to your question but unfortunately there isn't a convenient way to embark.My way to get things done is giving my self promises that i will get them done.And therefore it makes me get going otherwise i will lose respect to my self because i dont respect my own words.But if this will not work out for you.I'd recommend to just kickstart.Just say out loud that you have to do it and just make your self to start.I hope you will find a which will fit you perfectly and will help you out.Don't give up!
Abi J.
Follow the advice in the Fabulous app, do it at the same time every day, remove obstacles, keep it simple and celebrate your successes.
Xanadude O.
It takes 21 repetitions to make a habit. Keep that goal in mind. After 21 times, it will feel weird if you don’t get started.
Ioque A.
Prepare everything you need to the night before. Introduce as little friction as possible between your activity and state of mind to minimize the amount of convenient excuses to back off the plan.

Make your goals so small and imperceptible you won't need to motivate yourself too. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Tomorrow you'll do one push-up, half a year later you'll do so much more and be more fit. Start small and celebrate every step.

Ian S.
When I feel that way (which is pretty much all the time), thinking "I don't feel like it" or "just one more episode", I try to think about what I want to accomplish, first and foremost. I ask myself (literally), "Do I want to keep being this me, the one who procrastinates and feels awful about herself? Or do I want to be the me that gets it done, stays on top of things, and has life under control?". The other thing I do is to make a deal with/remind myself that once I'm done X, Y, and Z thing that I need to do (perhaps my morning routine, cleaning the kitchen, and vacuuming), then I can do what I want. If I get all of my daily things done, they won't loom over me for the rest of the day. I use that to drive me, especially in the morning, to get up and seize the day, to seize the life that I want to live, rather than the one that I've been suffering through for so many years up until now. You got this!!!!! <3
Ariel N.
You have to force yourself.
That celebrate it.
After couple of days the celebration will force the good things and it will start to feel good and the motivation will grow.