How did you start working out when you received the task on Fabulous? What kind of exercise and how long?

Andrea Q.
I've only just started a few days ago, but I have began by just moving my body in some way for 5-10 minutes. 2 of the days so far I did the 7 minute workout on the app with modifications as needed (and I need a lot right now! 😅) Another day I walked around Target with my husband, and the other time I did a short yoga exercise on the app 🥰
Julie C.
I do what feels best in my body when I need exercise. Sometimes it’s sun salutations, sometimes physio exercises, sometimes a walk, or sometimes I’ll just flail and dance. I ask myself what I can do to help my body feel better right now
Clara P.
I just downloaded a free jogging app. It's called "Start running: Jogging for beginners ". I've been doing the workouts it sets me 3 times a week at least
Nico F.
Well when I commit to a task I will do it everyday the types of exercises that I do are a 30 second plank, 30 Russian twist and 50 crunches and I repeat it 3 times
Eg Z.
I used the 7 minute workout they have. If that’s too much for me though I’ll just do some pushups and crunches, or even just jumping jacks to get me moving. If I’ve learned one thing in life it’s that something is better than nothing.
Alyssa E.
I do the morning Workout thing on this app. And it’s set for 8 minutes. But I dance later in the day. Just squats, jumping jacks, wall pushups, etc. basic exercises.