What would be the ultimate training regime for endurance in every aspect?

Jared Z.
Love yourself and be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes, forgive yourself and move on. Its ok to make a fresh start, even if it is more than once a day.
Set yourself little goals, celebrate when you achieve them and slowly grow them into bigger goals.
Izzie E.
Doing something fun would make me willing to do it and want to get up to do it I’ve been dancing for exercise and it’s great
Jane O.
Walking is a good way to work on your endurance. I would walk first then go into running. Start small then work your way up. The same going with running. Strength with weights and core should be done as well. Strength and core can be done in as little as five to ten minutes. I would start walking/running at 5 minutes and then go up from there. Hope this helps!
Liliana Q.
The ultimate training regime for endurance begins with brain power and mindset. Having the will to go to bed early in order to wake up early, followed with my morninf ritual to show gratitude for life, to breath and acknowledge how much I love myself and that I am doing the best I can with the current tools available to me now, to eat mindfully healthy choices and avoid rushing through my meals, and to share a smile with people around.
Anette U.
Well I do everything the app tells me to do in order, but then for my workout I do legs, then abs, then arms. To give different parts of my body breaks so they don't get too worn out.
Evelynne O.
For me now it is walking on different paths and levels; some paths with smoother more level paths or other paths with more challenging inclines. Then dance aerobics!!! The 30 to 60 minute in length kind.