How can I incorporate more veggies into my diet?

Vicki O.
There’s so many great ways to incorporate veggies in to your diet. You can cut up some carrots and celery sticks, and have those with you when you feel like you need to eat something. You can add veggies into your omelettes. You can add them into scrambled eggs, salads are a wonderful way to get tons of veggies veggie pizzas are pretty good too. I hope this helps.
Alyssa P.
Pick out 3 to 5 healthy colorful veggies at the grocery store and for each meal try to incorporate 2 into every meal that way you get at least 6 servings of veggies a day.
Justadd Z.
First of all, for breakfast try putting some cucumbers or other veggies. For lunch in the food that you cook put a lot of veggies and try to take out meat.
Cecy P.
Try to star with few veggies and add more during the month. I would recomend you to star with one veggie on your meal, your favorite one (could be tomato or other you like), then after 3 days add a second veggie and keep adding vegie till you have the amount that you want. I use to have 4 or more veggies. When you rich you number you can try new veggies and make new combinations. Very important, congratulate yourself for eating veggies y try to think you realy like to eat them (even of you don't feel like that) your mind will star to think that is true and finally you will realy love it, I used it with other think and works very good.
Glimpsesofaudrey N.
start slow, everything is a process. going too fast won’t make it enjoyable so you won’t succeed. eat the veggies you know you already like, the others you like less try different ways to cook them: air fried, tempura, in the oven with spices on top… have fun with your greens !