In your experience, what are the three key factors in succeeding with the habit of exercising?

Claire I.
The three factors are one determination two Motivation to yourself and last but not the least is Yourself. Because if u really wanna do it you will said to yourself that i will do this and i know it is kinda tough but i will do it and i believe that i can do . You just have to believe and trust yourself that you can do that task even though it’s kinda tiring but u have to and always let yourself remember that i do this because i want to and i believe i can do it . Base on mine, i try exercising but it only took 3 days because i give up because i am lack of determination and motivation in myself and now that with the fabulous who help me to change myself and laziness of mine i am already exercising in 6 days now because i once said to myself , “if i can do it , i will do it ” not just because i want to but u know this exercise it helped me to change myself into a better person because now i have already determination and motivation to myself , i already have this but im just lack of it that’s why when i want to do something , those thing won’t finish immediately because of my laziness and being unproductive so fabulous really help me a lot and thank you for that.

Wania F.
In my experience, I’ve found success in:
1-having an accountability partner. Having someone there to push you and cheer for you really makes you Want to do the thing.
2-no lapses. Don’t take a “break” from your routine. If I skip a day or the weekend, I’m more likely to have the attitude of “oh it’s ok to skip today during the week, I’ll be fine”. And I’ll end up skipping more days that way. So I try not to skip exercises on the weekend or holidays.
3-I remind myself that don’t have to go hardcore All the time. In fact, that’s bad for you! I exercise every day, but Tues, Thurs, and the weekends are stretch days. Or upper body on Tues and lower body on Thurs. By adding in those stretch days, I let myself “rest” but I’m still getting my blood pumping.

Ewetse S.
1. For the first few times, don't beat yourself up if you can't do certain exercises. You'll eventually manage after some time.
2. Have a reason for exercising or goal that you know you can achieve. Eg, my goal was to first be able to have stamina to actually finish all the exercises.
3. Sometimes you just don't feel like it, it's okay, you'll do it tomorrow.

Chris O.
Workout gear out the night before. Do it in the morning to get it done. Find a program or class that you enjoy or do it with people that you enjoy being around.

Monica F.
Don't think about it just do it.
The accomplishment that you will feel after doing it.
How happy and confident you feel after you are done exercising.
You are doing this for you, not for anyone. So hit the gym and spend some time on you. You deserve it!!

Nicoline G.
well, i don’t knowing i am qualified to answer or if i am truly succeeding in the habit of exercising, but
I am truly succeeding in improving my exercising habits and so i call that success. what is working for me is 1) forgiving myself and not giving up. just do whatever i can when i can and then wake up the next day and try again. and i am making progress that way. over years and months. even weeks. 2) allowing myself to do what i like to do to exercise. 3) i have this app called aaptiv and it is a trainer in your ear for practically any workout you want. i am using it for power walking and have a goal of being able to run a mile whenever i want to. i like it cuz it is music and motivation and there is a program to get to my goal. i also allowed myself to get a membership at the gym i enjoy- where they have the classes i like, the vibe i like and the steam room and juice i like. so it is just that i like to be there. period. makes it much easier to go!
lastly, i have been using fabulous and doing push-ups in my sink every morning. that is helping feel positive about exercising starting first thing in the morning.

for me, i have learned, it’s true that it’s about the journey as they say. it’s a quest where each day is the reward.

oh- and never shame yourself. right?!? i have trouble with that- working it— but i know it doesn’t work- so i am trying to er one my shaming habit, one cheater sink push up at a time.

good luck!!!

Adelaide T.
1. Your “why”. Having a strong reason why you want to exercise, writing it down and thinking on it regularly. It’s ok if your “why” changes, just write down the new one.
2. Make it as easy as possible for you to exercise. Find a time in your day that works best, and at a place that’s convenient. For me first thing in the morning works, before the day gets busy, and before I have time to talk myself out of it. Working out in a space at home or at a gym that’s in a convenient location to your house/work/etc. will make it easier, cause you won’t have to drive half an hour just to work out.
3. Make it fun! Find friends to go to the gym/workout with, and if you enjoy a particular type of exercise keep doing it regularly. Try new things until you find a workout type that works for you. For me, I love the rush that weight training gives me, and yoga helps me feel centred and calm, so I do those often.

Sasha Q.
When u are exercising u NEED
Good music
Good/positive attitude
focus on goal
This has helped me get to and thru exercise with a good mind set and want to do it more. Plus it also makes me feel accomplished and happy after which I feel everyone wants

Erica T.
Choosing an exercise that you enjoy doing, finding an accountability partner, and not talking yourself out of it when you lack motivation. I try to remember how good it felt after completing a workout when I feel tempted to skip.

Noilves P.
I had illusions of walking the dogs. Swimming. Biking. However, these were out of reach for me. I decided to take small steps. Now I run on the spot for 2 minutes…. I also find it a better order if I have the water first. Then run- 2 minutes. Then protein breakfast.