Do you keep the same routines in workouts? Or do you change it up?

Hajar Z.
I change the workout whenever I feel that I get used to it. It is important to change your workouts from time to time so that your whole body is kept fit
Neptune N.
i’ve been experimenting with a routine lately because i’m usually really lazy on Monday’s and Tuesdays, so I have to find ways to workout on those two days. I become more productive on Wednesday – Friday so I do longer workout sessions then. Saturday + Sunday are like my “days off” from workouts, but I still take at least 10 minutes to be active! In the mornings, I always take 5 minutes to stretch and do some light exercises to wake up.

Here is my current routine listed out:

Sunday: 5 minute full body workout + go outside and play volleyball

Monday: 7 minute full body –
1 min plank, 10 pushups, 30 bicycle crunches, 10 situps

Tuesday: 7 minute full body – 12 min light exercise

Wednesday: 7 minute full body – 7 minute flat stomach & abs

Thursday: 7 minute full body – 15 min core + hourglass – 10 min legs

Friday: 7 minute full body – 7 minute flat stomach & abs

Saturday: 7 minute full body – 10 minute weekly refreshing workout

i also do lots of stretching throughout the week as well, and i’ve seen lots of changes and i always feel soooo good after working out! it makes me proud and motivated to keep going 🙂