How can I exercise with my kid?

Auguste Y.
Playing with your kids can also be a form of exercise for both of you, a type of exercise that is informal and spontaneous. You can invent fun games with your kids, or play games like hide and seek or pretend that you are exploring an imaginary universe, build forts or play sock wars. You can play in a park or in nature, or go for a hike and explore new places.

Ethan F.
Take them running with you or have them ride their bike while you run next to them. if they're too little to ride their own bike put them in a stroller and run

Kiara Q.
I LOVE doing this! I’ve played “red light, green light” with my kiddos, racing them, making it fair for little ones by creating rules like “purple light” where they have to RUN backwards (which little ones can’t do very well, allowing everyone to go back to a level playing field)

If they’re competitive, or think everything is “easy” (haha, my little boy did that) – I challenged them to try the exercises with me.

At one point, I was doing at-home workouts, and I put on some child-appropriate workout music (“cool” with lots of base will get them pretty jazzed) and had them join me. I would just modify things so they could keep up – but they had a blast trying to compete, jazz out to fun music, and/or just do something with me.

There’s all sorts of stuff! If you’re really fit, you can use your kid as a weight for workouts as well 😂 they think it’s hilarious and everyone has fun 🙂

I hope this helps spur some ideas! If you’re still clueless, Youtube is wonderful resource as well 🙂 I fully support that you want to include your kiddos 👌🏻 Have lots of fun!!

Henry T.
I guess it depends on the age of your child. I have a daughter who is 4 and she loves trying to join in with yoga, mid way through though it does get hard but even more fun as she climbs all on me as I continue to try and finish the yoga session but she loves it even when she falls off me and climbs back on. Could go on a trampoline with your child or do jumping jacks, jogging on the spot, make and do an obstacle course.

Edgar Z.
Depends on the age of your kid. When my daughter was an infant/toddler, I would put her in baby backpack and walk or hike with her. Preschool kids are great to take to the zoo, play hide and seek or tag, or any activity that keeps you moving. School age kids might join you for a bike ride or swimming… Exercise doesn't have to be a specific routine. With kids, playing is exercise. It is good for them too. Anything to get them off screens for a while is a win for both of you 😊

Gamaliel E.
You can do multiple stuff like go swimming yoga (there is plenty of parent and child yoga ideas on Pinterest and YouTube.) or go for a walk !

Louisa P.
If they're very young, get down on the floor and crawl around with them. Being a toddler is hard work for an adult.
If they're older do some sport activity like kicking around a soccer ball, throwing it, seeing how high you can each throw it straight up, etc.
If they're past their first decade, ask them. They probably have some good ideas.

Enora G.
I love taking walks with my kids. We go on a walk every morning in the neighborhood, but we have a great park here with trails that are fun to walk as well. I also do baby yoga with my newborn. My 4 year old likes to do yoga too so we are having fun with that. dancing is the most fun of all though.

Clenira A.
Kids usually follow the example of parents. I would just propose them to do the same as you, go doing sports with them outside, make it as a game…

Andres X.
Kids love doing body weight excercises with adults, it can be a bonding excercise to teach them, they’re always going to wanna be like you after all, or going on a walk with them could be a perfect chance to talk to them

Naja C.
You could play games with your child that include cardio and other aspects of physical health, like tag, capture the flag, and many more.

Chris S.
If you want to bond mentally, exercising is great with your kid. But you want to try small steps. If your kid is already does something active (Example: Soccer) then this will be easy peasy. If their not, don't worry! Just ask them one afternoon to go play soccer together, or think about does a yoga session with your kid. You could even just use your home a equipment. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be fun and that's all that matters. I am actually a kid myself so I like to exercise with my friends! If you don't believe I'm a kid, that's fine the point is to just have fun and exercise with your kid. If this helped you, that would be SUPER DUPER COOL!!! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great time.

Clifford W.
Hold your kid and squat with him/her. Crawl and catch him/her. Run around. Put him/her on your back and do push ups. Go on a swing and work your abs. Have fun!

Tilde E.
I've done Pound Fitness with my youngest son. It's a rhythmic areobic exercise. He plays the drums do he enjoyed Pound. We might try Zumba next year also.
My sister takes my eldest son running with the Zombie Run couch to 5k app.
We also have Just Dance and Fru with the Xbox and Kinect.
Beachbody had Double Time that requires two people to even do the exercises. Unfortunately, we have a small house so that didn't work out well for us. It was fun though.
When my kids were younger, frequently we used GoNoodle. There are many free videos. The school was using it for inside recesses and brain brakes.
I like the stretching and positions with the monkey dude.
Sadly, now that they're older they are too cool for GoNoodle.

Maja U.
That's so cute! I don't know how old your kid is, but give your kid some exercises that are not too hard for him/her. You can exercise whatever is easy for you.

Jason E.
We take walks as often as we can before bed. My goal is 25minutes. My kids are 9, 6 and 2.5. Each kid gets a turn to pick how long the walk is – small, medium or large.

Usually each parent, if dad can come, walks with an older kid. The kids love the one on one time. They talk about whatever they want. My job on these walks is to listen and respond. They are thriving with the exercise and chat time. I know what is important to them.

Then we all check my Fitbit after to see how we did.

Danica T.
Get creative. Do things that your kid would like. If your kid likes to play hide and seek, turn it into hide and seek tag.

Luis O.
I regularly attend a ((B))ounce class which is a brilliant workout, environment and incredibly child friendly. You can find them on facebook.