How do you best fit exercise into a busy day?

Jess Z.
I am not able to schedule exercise for the same time every day. I have to look ahead on my calendar and plan my days and times each week based on the other obligations I have. I am just beginning my exercise experience so I try to focus on just getting started. A 10 minute run or exercise routine is an improvement over being sedentary so I’m shooting for small achievable amounts of time.
Zeli P.
Find a gym close to your work. Lunchtime, Monday, Weds and Fri as part of your routine. Bring your lunch and eat at your desk after.
Kj N.
Whenever you have a free moment, just stretch. It may not be getting your heart rate up, but it’s great for your body, muscles and flexibility. Also always take the stairs and walk a little faster than necessary.
Abel Z.
Getting it out of the way first thing in the morning works on most days. Also I find that setting intention the night before, by reminding myself what getting a workout in the next morning means to me in context of my big goals is a great motivator to get the best workout in on most days. And when I’m short on time , it motivates me to get at least a quality 20 mins in.
Em Y.
I try to fit it in the morning for just 8-10 minutes doing several quick repetitions of salute to the sun. I park far away – about half a mile- from my work to give 8 minutes of rigorous walking each way. Total exercise is about 25 minutes – fit in small chunks!
Jerilynn C.
Mornings are a must for me because I know after a long day I’m not going to do it. I set my workout clothes next to my bed with my shoes so I’m more likely to put them on as soon as I wake up. I wake up with enough time to fit in up to 30 mins. of working out. Hope it helps!
Philipp J.
Getting up early enough that nothing can interfere with your workout. E.g. of your first work meetings of the week are at 8 AM, work out before that. It kinda sucks in the beginning, but you'll get used to it. Also eat some carbs before the workout and drink something with coffeine.
Daleen I.
Start early in the morning instead of trying to fit it in after your busy day. Go for a jog or a walk or create an exercise space at home. Personally I like yoga – Try 30 days of yoga with Adriene on YouTube. It is short and convient.
Jagoda Z.
Try to exercise in the morning, before everything starts. Maybe even wake up earlier to do it? But if you can't, you could try exercising in the evening/at night, right before bed to relax and unwind.