What do you do if you lose momentum and motivation? How do you get it back?

Bernard S.
If I am losing momentum and motivation, I use those moments to take care of myself. I try to appreciate the smaller victories, and recognize that it’s normal to feel like that. I may do self care acts also to dive into why I feel that way

Jess N.
A good way to get back momentum. Contradicting what you might think, is to take a step back and examine what made you loose momentum. It’s a good idea to not keep pushing if you can’t continue, it’s better to start back maybe not at the beginning; but at least a few weeks before it started happening and try and avoid the cause or reframe your thoughts. Avoiding the cause isn’t to say, to not do what it was but to do it in a way that works better then the way before. The most important thing is to never view it as failure!

Arina F.
It happens pretty often for me. If before I would criticise myself for loosing the focus, now I'm trying to accept it – yes, it happened. At some point smth distruct me or put me down. I start to research what was the thing which changed my attitude and analyse it. After I know why this happened, I have powers to control what will happen to me when something similar occurs in the future. Additionally, I like to remind myself what is the purpose of the task I am doing and what was my original motivation. If you can imagine you goal achieved in all colours, that can bring your motivation back =)

Inayat N.
Ask for help. Or maybe talk to yourself Infront of mirror,it'll boost your self confidence and help you motivate too. Write the thought you get that make your motivation otherwise.

Oswin U.
U can gain it back by setting up your own standard step by step and focus on your body, by listening to yur inner voice message be calm and u will get back on track.

Honey E.
When I lose focus or motivation (which is honestly a lot of the time) I meditate or set an alarm in the morning telling me to get up and go and get it done. It doesn’t have to be a sudden mid-life crisis like moment, it just has to be a moment when you take a breath, and get on your tippy toes. Aka. I am a dancer, so when I get lost or unmotivated – my way of saying “Get back up on your feet” is “Get on your tippy toes”. -Enjoy your day!

Sienna W.
Think about the amazing things that could happen if you keep on going. Everyone tells you to never give up but you have to tell yourself that and then it will only really matter. Imagine yourself doing something and then do it afterwards and see how you feel. It's an experiment that someone has done. You have to imagine yourself doing something and then do it after to keep on going. Ask yourself questions like why am I doing this and turn it into something you enjoy and then your dreams will come true. Anything is possible