How do fellow members motivate themselves to work out on days you feel heavy, bloated or tired?

Bonnie S.
When I don’t feel like I want to workout I go anyways ! When I wake up I don’t think ohh I don’t feel it and this and that NO! it’s an emotionless and you know what ? Nobody cares if you workout or not ! Better for them because if you (for example) if you wanna be successful in this world then someone has to fail so you have to work hard for your dreams if you wanna dreams become your reality
Ruhollah A.
Well, honestly lately a major factor is this app. I can't lie to it and I don't want to lose my streak because I'm kinda like that with games and this has basically gamified these things for me.

Another thing is I have a workout plan and I would like to stick to it as much as I can. Still one time I couldn't do the plan but I still did a little exercise do be able to make the checkbox.

Other than that, I just do NOT want the feeling again. You know the feeling of "bah you couldn't do it!" Because I want to ride this for as long as I can at least until I'm at a good enough place.

Sometimes what helps is to change the thing. If you're plan was to do THIS exercise everyday and for whatever reason you can't on a certain day, do something else that you can, so you still are keeping the habit going.

The last thing is, I don't dread having to do it. I like doing it. That might not be enough on its own to get me to do it but it definitely is a huge help. Trying to get up to do something you like is much easier than trying to get up to do the thing you're forcing yourself to.