How do you stay motivated to workout everyday/regularly?

Tim T.
When I do my routine, i feel so much better and when I do not do it I dont feel good. So my goal is to feel good every morning. I wanna have time to meditate, I wanna have time to make a good breakfast and arrange the plate to make it pretty. These thing make me happy. Yes it's hard to motivate myself but I don't wanna be sad anymore. I wanna be happy
Kirsten O.
Just look at yourself in the mirror more often and watch more videos about weight loss and keep fit to stay motivated. After you start doing your workout regularly, you will feel more enegetic, happy and you will start seeing the effect on your body. That's the time you can't stop this habit and you will feel unsatisfied if you don't exercise.
Irena U.
I just don't force myself to exercise I don't want to do. Sometimes getting shore is not the best way to keep working out.
Linds E.
I set a weekly schedule and a program schedule so i have a short term and long term fitness plan. It allows me to be flexible and celebrate small and large wins.
Oluchi B.
On the days I want to workout asap I put on my workout clothes so I can inmediately go running when my partner gets home from work and can take care of our son. On the day I do not go running I will do a fun activity while stepping like watching a tvshow or listening to a podcasts.
Oliver W.
Focus on my office work but listening music is must. Music motivated my aims to maintain my daily routine. Drink plenty of water and take healthy diet and do exercises.
Rafique F.
Immediately after a glass of water, I embark to exercises before any distractions turn on. I surely enjoy the 45 min and keep my body ready for the day.
Daniel J.
Start small, with exercise that’s low aversion. 10 min walks, a light jog, etc. Use that to build the habit, and then slowly expand from there.
Feliciano A.
At the moment, getting to workout feels like a treat. I feel energised and slightly more at peace with myself, knowing I’ve made the effort to get up and get to the gym. I always feel good about myself and I wish to feel like that as often as I can. I want to build my strength overall and tone my body so I am happier with it.
Benjamin Z.
Ik denk eraan dat 15 minuten per dag om aan mezelf te werken veel beter is dan ze weg te gooien aan een gsm of tv en dat helpt echt, 15 minuten is echt niks en krijg je echt elke dag wel ergens verwerkt.
Catherine F.
The first week or two are hard and you really have to push yourself to do something you are not used to. But after that you start to see and FEEL the results and it keeps you going. One 5-min stretch in the morning keeps you energized and feeling good for the whole day. The most important thing is just to be proud of yourself and where you’ve come. You should acknowledge that you are doing this for yourself. And only you can make it work. Just don’t think about it go and do it. Don’t procrastinate. Say to yourself: “Today is the day for change!”
Aventino P.
Consistently and knowing that it will start my day on a positive note and it might be the only time of my day where I can focus on self care