What keeps you motivated to exercise each day?

Christian C.
To feel good. I always feel so much more accomplished and in a better mental state when I exercise on a daily basis. And, it brings me more confidence and looking hot
Connor A.
The reason why I am exercising every day is that I want to feel satisfied with myself and help keep my body healthy in the long run.
Shane N.
I am easily motivated by virtual rewards 🙂 I have a (free) account at FitnessBlender.com so that I have a personal calendar. I can assign workout videos to each day and then I get a big check mark on the calendar when I completed them. Starting a video is easy, and once it is started, it is easy to follow along. If you are new to regular exercise, start with short videos, even just one warm-up per day to get the blood flowing!
Soren Y.
I want to feel energized for the day. I’ve put off exercising because I’ve had it in my head you exercise to get thin. I’m already thin, so I discount the value of exercising for metal, physical, and emotional well-being. I know it is an important step to achieving other goals in my life and I’m ready to form that habit and be healthier.
Suzanna F.
The best motivation for me is the momentum I build with regular exercise. Even if I don't feel like working out, that momentum propels me out the door.
Jenny T.
I excersice in the morning because it gets me energized and started for the day. I found that for me the easiest way is to exercise for a few minutes in the morning and then in the afternoon or early evening I do a real workout. I motivate myself for the workout by doing it with friends (going to the gym together, running together etc). It really helps me and them because usually one out of the group is motivated and drags the others along 😉
Byron U.
My mood is much better after I exercise, I am getting stronger, more flexible, and feeling better about myself. I also have more energy.
Isac Z.
I like the concept that was explained through an article that the Fabulous app.had about exercise not only being good for the body, but it’s good for the brain. I struggle with my moods at time due to lack of sleep and limited physical activity. I am hoping to increase my physical, and mental health not only for me, but so I can keep up with my kids, and have the energy to enjoy life; not just survive.
Benjamin B.
Imagining of the anatomy I would have, the energy, the focus that I would have if exercise is in my daily routine is what motivates me.
Tim I.
I usually start with some light warm ups. It's usually a little hard to find motivation, but keeping my "why" front and center is what pushes me; I want to be healthy, feel more comfortable in my own skin, and be more confident.
Osmano Q.
I feel everything goes well and i can do little routines and it makes me go further.. also my mood at the morning is differently in better way since i started
Nadja E.
Not wanting to break my streak of exercising everyday. Even if I don't feel like it one day, I will force myself to exercise even if it's 5 press ups that will take less that a minute
Serafim S.
Speaking as someone who didn't exercise at all in the morning and just wanted to get moving, putting on music is the best solution to keep you going.
Minnie Q.
Well, the thing is I like to take walks, so I like to wait until it's nice and sunny. That's what motivates me to exercise and take my walks.
Selmaan A Ali
Lynn P.
The feeling that I’m doing something good for my body. It’s a healthy way to let out my frustrations and overall good for mental health. A good workout helps me sleep well.
Christian N.
It depends on the day, sometimes I don't want my past progress to go to waste. Other times I know that one day in the future I won't need motivation. I'll just do it. Sometimes life hits you hard and you'd rather keep busy than stay in your head