How do you motivate yourself to start exercising and integrate it into your daily life?

Bertram G.
Stop drink

Stop staying up late so you can feel energized to wake up in the morning to exercise. Think about how much healthier you can be , be prepared with your clothes every morning. You can include the kids even if it seems stressful to get moving. Just do it

Jimmy Z.
By waking up giving thanks to our Father, an continue into my morning exercise,makes me feel great after all's done with a good breakfast and off to start my day.

Karla W.
I have the belief that you can do anything for 15 minutes ( however undesirable it may be:)
I also do what is totally convenient and easy for me. I walk 15 minutes most days, in the afternoon, sometime by sunset, in just the clothes I have on. I invested in the best Northface coat and Ugg boots though. Two of the best use of money I ever made living in Michigan. I don’t think I could do it without them.
I also just started the “1 minute just get moving” exercise on Fabulous in the morning. It makes me feel good to do something in the morning, like they tell you to. Maybe sometime I’ll switch my walk to the mornings. For now I’m at least doing something!:)

Landon U.
I have 2 different types of exercise I do. One for indoors and one for outdoors. I keep the gear in a wood box in my bed room. And, there's something about the Fabulous alarms that goad me into not making excuses. I keep a list of my "go to reasons not to exercise" with a debunking reason for each excuse. You can use the in app exercises when you just need a lighter workout. PS. I'm disabled and unable to run. So, I've had to modify exercises to fit my abilities.

Elise Q.
I am in physical therapy and so they Give me strengthening exercises to complete. I know if I don't want to hurt as much I should do them daily so that helps me with motivation.

Bernice O.
Short answer : Just do it

Semi long answer: I try to challenge myself with don't break the chain or having no no days.
Which means days where I don't feel like doing it or 'I have other things to do" type of excuses.

I just remind myself that today's is the only day I have to do this and that really pushed me and motivates me to end up doing it.

You can also use visuals to help you on your way to. As in having a body goal to look at and remember why you are working out each day or work out every other day.

– Hope this helps.

Terra A.
I dance because I know that is something that I really enjoy and I also try to combine it with another task like tidying my room or cleaning the windows so at the end of each one I feel like I have achieved something straightaway.

Caroline P.
Well, basically I'm a type of person who likes to have things arranged. If I plan to be healthy, then I will be healthy. Simple. Just think that a healthy people is a prove of good civilization.

Leo G.
Right now, it's just making it the first thing I do in the AM. I'll workout to YouTube and I just know I got something accomplished because I know I'm more productive in the morning.

Naomi S.
Do it every day, even if schedule is tight; do the simplest (eg:. Just Get Moving Exercise). This way, you'll eventualy create a habit out of it.

Ilona U.
I constantly remind myself why I’m exercising. For me, it’s because I want to become stronger and healthier. I wanna be active and feel confident. I know that becoming more active and healthy is a lifestyle. I can’t just exercise for a couple of months and decide “okay that’s good enough” and then stop. It’s something I need to keep doing in my life constantly. So I kept reminding myself of that, and finding ways to make exercise something more fun, and that I look forward to. Sometimes I’ll do light exercise like walking for 30 minutes if I’m too tired, and sometimes I’ll decide to dance as exercise. Try different things until you find something that you enjoy, and keep on changing it up so you don’t get bored.

Ma Lie Y.
I try to use the 6 forces of influence to change. I find out if exercise is part of my core values and why so I can be personally motivated to exercise. I hired a personal trainer to I can have the ability and knowledge on how to have the ability to exercise correctly. I tell other people about my exercise so I can feel the social enablement and I found exercise accountability partners to have social motivation. I bought new clothes and a gym membership to structurally give me the ability to exercise and I set up a reward program (a new Jeep) to give me the structural motivation to change. With these 6 I feel like I have changed the world around me to get a different outcome.

Randall S.
I use the fabulous 7 minute workout. As soon as I wake up I drink water,meditate and then exercise.So all this takes 15 mins. And the next 15 mins I make my breakfast and have it and then groom myself to school. So my morning routine is done within 50 mins