What do you think about while exercising?

Marjolijn F.
I think about my breath. I ask the pains and strains i meet what they are here to tell me. Sometimes its food related and i think about how to accomodate. Sometimes its posture relaxed, working on that. I think about the day, yet when i catch myself I try to let that go.
Jalisa W.
When I'm exercising, I normally just think about the exercises. One reason I exercise is because it keeps me distracted from my current situation. PLUS I get results!
A B.
How I have to keep putting one step ahead of the next. How I don’t want to end up like my father with 4 heart attacks a pace maker. I tell myself this will help with my depression and anxiety. That if I keep active I won’t find myself stuck in a negative rut.
Deann O.
As i start my morning walk first thing i think about is how grateful iam for being grateful of morning exercise since i taught i didn't had the power to accomplish that because of my conditions and now i can actually do that and scale it as days pass by.
Afterwards it's mostly random stuff, from work to family and the things that attract my attention as i pass by them.