After a month of doing the 7-minute workout each morning I still have problems with the other exercises. What can I do to improve this?

Jenni Lynn Z.
I am very sorry but I don't think I can help, I have 4 hours every morning to take my time to complete my goals and take my time, I do my regular exercise and just check that off as early morning workout
Ifeoma R.
stay consistent with your workouts, just because you haven’t seen results quick enough doesn’t mean progress isn’t happening. Maybe research the body part that the workout applies to, to understand what other supplementary workouts you can do to strengthen that body part.
Frida C.
My tips are 1. Don’t make exasperation because you will be unlike to do it. 2. Start practicing one workout get really good at it and do the same for the other ones. 3. Have fun
Nicoline B.
Try some workouts on YouTube ! (Chloe Ting, Sydney Cummings, Vicky Justiz…). The challenges really help with consistency. And learn to love working out ! Find some things that you actually like to do + are effective 🙂