What’s the worst part of working out? Now what’s your favorite part?

Thomas X.
The worst part is the start of the process (get going, leave the house, het up on time,…). However, once the process has started, you're already well on your way. The best part is that moment, usually when things get tough, when you realize you're about to crush it, that you've done something others are afraid of: to put in all this effort, sweat and tears. And once you've completed the workout, the euforia you've been building is released to its full potential. That's the feeling of victory.
Sterre S.
Starting is the worst part. To check it of my to do list and feel energy in my body and my mind is the the best thing ever, my favorite part!
Danielle W.
The worst part of working out is definitely getting started! But the best part is taking that time for yourself to focus on you as well as seeing the progress you make (like increasing weights or being able to do more cardio longer)
George J.
I really like walking on a treadmill while watching a movie. A good variation of that would be jogging while listening to an audiobook. I feel strong and energized after walking, full of energy to do the other exercises such as pushups, plank, and others.
Brooke G.
Getting started is the worst part about working out. Not having someone to push you through your workout is pretty bad too. The best part is finishing your workout by 7 am to take on the day!
Sydney Q.
The worst part of working out is maintaining intensity and motivation throughout. I workout alone and I find it very challenging to keep myself in the zone while working out. My favorite part is during high intensity parts. I love those big pushes of going all out and really pushing your body and mind.
Olivia O.
Getting started is the worst part. It's hard to motivate myself and actually get going. I think the best part has been knowing I am doing something good for myself, even if it's not easy.
Sam E.
The worst part is starting aka putting on your workout kit and heading out to run/getting on your bike/turning on that aerobics video. The best part is doing it and how you feel afterwards.
Berardo C.
The worst part of working out is the actual working out. They’re often very difficult and I tire easily. That’s why I usually dread them so much. However, my favorite part is after. I always feel satisfied and accomplished.
Angela C.
The worst part for me is getting motivated to actually do the exercise at hand. The best part is how I feel after I’ve forced myself to do it.
Alien T.
Worst part is getting started. Getting over that little mountain that will let you then run off into your workout. My favourite part is finishing and feeling so relieved. It's great!
Ewa Y.
The worst part is getting started. The favorite part is about 10 minutes in when you start to feel the endorphins and change.
Genelle N.
The worst part is getting ready to work out and my favorite is stretching when I complete it. The stretch feels like a reward 😉
Traci N.
Getting up in the morning. When I’ve completed my run. The sense of accomplishment. Knowing I’ve already done something huge before anyone else’s day has started. I see a few other runners and it is our secret club. The sunrise is our secret.
Tommy J.
The worst part for me is getting started it feels like such a burden before I start but I love the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. It reminds me that I really can do anything I put my mind to.
Ramazan E.
The worst part is getting started. Once I’m on the mat, everything is easy. And I always feel great so there’s nothing stopping me except my own mind. I procrastinate and find excuses. I want to overcome that
Mary O.
I really dont have a "worst" part of working out, i tend to put my mind/whole self into a positive mode. So every/any thing i do in the moment stays in my "best" part all around.