I prefer my mornings to be slow and gentle, so I’m leaning towards yoga in the mornings. Should I also be balancing this out with cardio and/or strength training later in the day?

Karol Na Y.
Oh, that is an excelent question. I would start with yoga maybe do cardio during the day and in the evening slow down with stretch.
Samuel N.
You could. The habit of exercise for the first days and weeks of building, it’s very important to go easy on yourself and enjoy the process. Once you have built the habit it is better if you can add an intense workout during the evening.
Marin Y.
You should adjust your time if you want to. There is no exact routine when you have to balance things out. When you feel like it and you have the time, go and hit the gym then 🙂
Luca Z.
Good for you! Yoga is a moderate exercise and cardio/ strength training is vigorous exercise and I think you should be doing some vigorous exercise. Just don't do too much that it gets to the point where you have too much to juggle.
Jayci C.
I believe you should follow the 20 min rule: start with 20 mins of strength, then follow with 20 mins of cardio, and finally end with 20 minutes of yoga and stretching! This will help build muscle, boost metabolism, tone your overall body, burn fat and will aid in flexibility!
Peitra O.
Keeping you body busy for 7mins a day is great exercise.

I can walk between 25 to 30 mins but if it's less I'm still good.