How do you make the exercise habit stick and hopefully look forward to working out in the future as an everyday habit?

Chris P.
I'm taking it really slowly and just going for a walk at the moment. I enjoy walking and I get to spend time with my family. It's not hard for me to fit walking in everyday. I'm hoping my improved fitness and desire to continue with fabulous will help me with establishing more active exercise patterns.
Lynne L.
Move in a way you love ! But equally if you want to get into running for example then just set yourself the task of going for a 5 minute jog round the block, something manageable and achievable. You’ll probably find that once you’ve laced up your shoes and you’re out the door that you feel like going further, but if not that’s okay ! Your 5 minutes completed your habit and keeps it ticking over to the next day. If you’re moving you’re improving !!
Timmothy W.
This is a hard question because I have never been able to make the exercise habit stick, except when I didn't think of it as exercise. I have found that exercising for the sake of exercising is the worst motivation. But doing yoga to help with stress, or going on walks to spend more time outside, have always helped me stick to it.
Malita E.
I formed a whatsapp group with some close family members and we try to motivate each other by sharing our workout and having a little light humor in the chat about our exercise routines
Katelyn C.
Yes!! I have a set of very light exercises (ie 10 squats, 20 jumping jacks, 5 push ups, 30 sec plank) that are my back up if I don’t have time for a full workout or if I’m not feeling it. Then I have something small already organized. Make yourself a couple lists like that with simple exercises so you’re able to do at least something on the days you’re not feeling it!
Sj Z.
I changed the narrative. Instead of saying "I should exercise", I'd say "I could exercise". This makes me feel like it's more of a choice and less an obligation. Along with incorporating thoughts about why I like exercise that I'm getting stronger, increasing my stamina so I can do more things I love. And lastly stopped thinking exercise needed to be going to the gym and lifting weights or a regimented run. Exercise can be walking the dog, going for a bike ride, or dancing to my favorite songs in the living room. As long as I sneak in 5 minutes, that's enough! (I'd set small time limits because they seem so easy you just do it, but once you get started you likely do more). Hope this helps 🙂