What is it that stops you from acheiving your targets on a daily basis?

Finn Z.
Usually other people, I care about other people and their happiness a lot and also fomo – I don’t wanna miss out on someone’s event and I wanna be part of the beautiful things that happen in others lives, but I’m also quite independent and I think about my own happiness and I do things that make me happy like exercise and eat healthy and enjoy the sun – I live free until others are in happy, I put them first. This is daily – also my phone is a problem – it’s contacting others not just scrolling through stuff… it’s FaceTime and Snap and insta, when I’m with someone though – like a friend or something I will never be on my phone, 100% focus on them and me and blah blah, as I rather in person communication than over the phone, I have a great drive of energy and physically driven but I’m mentally tired of people and Everything but still there ya know? I’m too drain to do work, I’m too drained to see people unless they my closest, I’m too drained to clean my room but I can sit there and talk to people on snap? Makes no sense, but I’m always mentally and physically driven to eat well and play tennis and go for a walk or exercise – I’m an extrovert, no doubt about it but I just wanna be by myself
Alaina G.
At times I don’t follow the time I have set for me to achieve a said goal and I tell myself “5 more minutes” and then it doesn’t get done. Time management is a great way to stay on task and get things done without it you start to get unbalanced and lose your way.
Matt Q.
Usually when I don't achieve what I wanted it's because I'm too tired to keep working and I prefer to rest and do something else. I should learn how to use my energy better because usually in the morning I'm very energetic and I can do anything but after lunch I'm a wreck and I only want to sleep.
Hedra F.
Well, procrastination basically. Apps like YouTube, social media, etc. Also because I’m always so unmotivated sometimes…
Taylor W.
I do a lot of sport in the evening so sometime it is too late to achieve a habit such as 30 mins of reading; other times, I may be at school so I can’t achieve my tidy-up goal.
Johanna F.
That's a hard question. I just sometimes get depressed and I really want to get up from my bed and do that I need to do such as study in the first place, and do exercise, and keep my home organized, and read a book. But I just can't get up from my bed. In all that moment I just think how difficult it is, and I think that I will do it wrong, and that I can't do it well, and I don't want to feel that. So I prefer staying in bed instead to try it.
Zain D.
The exhaustion of work and stress and anxiety. Probably also not getting enough sleep. The temptation of just sleeping the entire day
Raquel P.
I was very sad because the death of my mother. And before that I had a breast cancer. I needed time for myself. I needed to stop and take time for me. Actually, I am still sad and overwhelmed by all the changes in my life.
Nataka C.
I am very lazy person and i am trying to work on this for a very long time but sometimes it gets to me Thank you so mu for asking