How do you keep yourself motivated and energized to workout?

Mithil W.
Live in the moment. Enjoy the workout since it is a privilege to be able to workout. Thank your body for being there and give her time. Plan your pre-workout meal and have good nutrients. Include multivitamins in your diet. Get a good rest day before to keep yourself energised during the workout the next day. For motivation, think how would you look in betlst shape and the many things you be able to do like trekking, cycling, running, rock climbing, surfing, and much more. You would also inspire other to live a quality life.
Akkshita G.
Actually I really don't care of anything I have several motivation thing to work on but still I don't do such things rights now I am just trying to find perfect motivation perfect life perfect me
Hansiana C.
Pick a day and a time you feel comfortable. Try telling yourself in the mirror you can do this and set up a plan that fits you, skipping a few days are fine. Start with 5 minutes and work your way up and get some inspirational quotes to help you move further
Gaspard Z.
Try different things and see what you enjoy.Go easy at first. Add more effort in increments. Do not go from zero to hero.
Marie Y.
I really like the attitude on the videos from Fitness Blender. They encourage without being overly fake-cheerful and my personal calendar on their website motivates me to accumulate check marks. If I'm feeling really sluggish, I do a short video (5 or 7 minutes) and often feel energized enough to do a second one after. But even if I don't do any more, it is better than nothing!
Sunny F.
The most important thing that keeps motivated is the end result : a fit, less-prone-to-diseases, good-looking body & a strong, energetic mind.
There are weak days also, but important is to pick-up on self & keep going.
Life becomes more enjoyable with sound body & mind!
Jamie F.
I keep myself motivated to workout thinking that ifI want my dream body this is the only way to get it and if a day I feel very tired I do only five minutes of workout because it’s better than nothing