How long are your morning workouts? Did they start shorter and evolve into a longer workout? What do you normally do in the morning and how does it help you focus on your day?

Tristan S.
My workouts are usually 8 minutes unless I walk also. I usually put on music which helps with the time and i helps get my mind focused on the rest of the day. I have a morning routine that i drink water eat breakfast tidy up for ten minutes workout for 8 minutes and I don't remember the last thing. But I have a reminder set for 9 am.
Dera A.
30 mins on the treadmill and about 5-15 mins on weights or legs. When I finish my workout I feel like I beat the odds and I feel great that I am doing something towards improving my health.
Hinrich R.
I do a short "warm up" first thing in the morning. It consists of light movements and stretching. I do a "main" workout a little later in the day.
Tobias I.
My Morning workouts are surprisingly long. The very first one was quite short but all the other started to be hour and longer. But that may be because I was a soccer player before I had my injury and it was possibly much easier for my body to adapt back to workouts that fast. Mostly I just run around – always a different path and a little workout in the sense of push-ups and squats. But I plan on reducing the amount of movement in the morning because it feels like it might be more energizing, I might be overdoing it now.
Sina X.
My workouts are 7 minutes long. They haven’t evolved yet to longer workouts because I’m still getting used to the routine.
I wake up with a bottle of water near my bed. Look at the app and when offered I try the breakfast suggestions. Such as the protein milkshake, it was delicious I would have never thought about making that before. Also I’m excited to workout with the help of this app. It motivates me to focus on my goals.
Josefine U.
I started small. Just around 10 minutes each day. I usually do yoga or stretching exercises with the help of some apps to track my progress. This kind of exercise makes me feel relaxed and less stressed out.
Beverly T.
I usually workout for 20-30mins. Yes they started much shorter and is evolving into longer workout. I do calisthenics which is body weight workout where it consists of exercises like push up, pullup, chin up, squats etc. It makes your body stronger and give you a great feeling throughout the day. 😊
Tristan Z.
Yes. I always aim for at least 30 minutes a workout or, I tell myself, "just do cardio today and be out. " but once I'm there it becomes 2-3x's longer!
Naja A.
10-15 min of stretching, and then a 30 min weight work out with a 3 day schedule of upper / lower / rest. Mostly I just moved the weight routine from night to morning!
Leon Cio G.
My morning workouts are short. 10-15 min only. I get on a stationary bike, jog, or dance. I just want to get blood flowing in the AM. I'm literally on the stationary bike with my eyes closed 😴 I get other activity in during the day, though. (Walking)
Rapha L E.
Start short e.g. say I’ll wake up and workout 10 mins every morning. Once u r comfortable with this increase to 15mins. Then work up to e.g. 30 mins every day. Workouts r dynamic and will change overtime. Just do what is comfortable and stick to it until it is natural routine
Ernst F.
I am using the pre-planned workout for running which currently is 20 minutes which will increase to 30. So it is lengthening in time, but I think will top out at 30 mins in that activity. I will eventually will add a workout for weights as well. I do the contemplation walk in the evenin for 5 mins.

For me, the morning is very important time of day. Get it right, and I typically have a very satisfying day. I like to have some quiet time first thing. I have water as per the program, then I kind of allow myself to come out of the sleep state. It takes me I think more time to transition from sleeping to waking than most. Don't get me wrong. I wake up early. It just takes me time to get into the day.

I also watch some form of entertainment. Usually film or TV, or even YouTube. This is because I am in the entertainment field, and it does get my day rolling. Meditation. Exercising. Walking the dog. Forgot about the morning pages!

Then a great breakfast! Then I use the exercise to decide upon the 3 most important tasks to get done!

The morning routine is still getting honed, but these are the highlights.

Noelle J.
Basically I'm a student and usually I have early morning tutions so I often don't find enough time for proper exercise often but to compensate that l use to go to my tution on bicycle .and trust me even 20 minutes of cycling is enough to kickstart your day .in the evening I use to do swimming for 1 hour after school and that is enough to refresh me again
Flora S.
My morning 'workout' is basically a wing chun kung fu drill, which takes me about 8-10 minutes to perform, stretching included. I've been doing it for weeks now and slowly adjust the forms and reps, my goal is to perform all the forms in about 15 mins. This exercise helps to pump up blood pressure, works on the lymphatic system, trains your brain connectivity and keeps me focused for the day.
Alarico Q.
10-15 min to a 1 hr-1hr 15 min. Depending if I'm doing strength or HIIT. Sometimes if I don't have time to workout I would just jump rope for 5 minutes just to start the day with a bit of activity. Other days I do yoga in the morning to refresh myself. I found working out in the morning I feel much betterfor the rest of the day. If I put it off until later, I might not do it and I feel energy drained, terrible, and unmotivated.
Jesus Q.
I have started out slow like really slow. I started just breathing and stretching for 5 mins and then 8 min and so on, raising the time very 3 days.
Guiomar Z.
My approach is that I simply need to get moving. I do the workout based on how I am feeling and what my circumstances are, but I always do the workout. I find that even moving actively for just 1 minute makes a dramatic difference to my day, giving me more energy to get things done and feel good for my day. I want to incorporate more rigorous workout, but I need to make sure I study the body and up it incrementally. I want to have an iron clad habit, so avoiding burnout is crucial.
Edna J.
My morning work out lasts about 45-50 min.
I'm walking the dog and riding my bike to work (30-35 mins).
I had these routines before I started with fabulous 😁
Ian S.
I use Fabulous' 7 Minute Workout. It really gives me the energy that I need. I had lethargy and I've tried many things but this one works the best.
Isolde X.
It depends, I often try to go for a run that lasts about 30 mins, or when I don't have enough time I have a smaller workout at home (pushups, abs and squats mainly) that lasts about 10 mins.
Eckhart C.
I only use the structured run if I know there isn’t time for a run or yoga or what I’d prefer. Getting my heart rate and body loose makes me more comfortable and shakes out the cobwebs, and the last thing I do is plan my day in journal: that really helps my focus.
Ashley Y.
My workouts are generally around 10 minutes long and I got there by startin small and pushing myself further each time whether doing harder exercises or making my workout time longer. I generally do my workout in the morning and it helps me focus on work and everything because I’m not regretting my decision and I also feel good about myself for being able to do my workout.
Rossano Z.
It depends on how much time I have. I usually do something for 30 minutes. I pay for a fitness app with a workout plan called StrongHer and I do those workouts or yoga from the Down Dog app or I go on a walk. If I have less time or it’s a rest day, I do something little like some jumping jacks and pushups.
Anna P.
I start with an easy workout and then everyday I add a little to it for example yesterday I would do like 5 or 10 jumping jacks then the next day 10 or 15 jumping jacks then in a month or 2 I might be running it helps me focus by keeping me more awake and if you still need help focusing you could try one of the focus journeys hope this helps!
Faith F.
Haha so many questions! My morning workouts are 10 minutes. They did start way shorter though! It started off dancing to a 3 minute song or doing a 2 minute workout or a jog around the block. Then it evolved to 2 songs or a 4 minute workout or a run around the block etc. etc etc until I am where I am now. It really helps me focus and keeps me energized the whole day! I hope this helped 😊
Alfred Z.
My morning workout takes about 10 mins and it doesn’t get longer through the days
If u want u can make ur workouts longer through the days if u want it does get me tired but it does get me focused through the day
Felix C.
I started my morning workouts at just 7 minutes so that it was more manageable even on days I had to work… was planning on adding on, but as it turns out, I enjoy just adding on additional 7 min workout throughout the day, that naturally grow longer with the joy of doing the workout and not wanting to stop moving. I started with yoga, then I added a little variety with the 7 min body weight workout in the app, and a little dancing by myself too! The dancing worked up the best sweat, for sure! And helped me find the most joy in my day! The yoga centers my mind, and the 7 min strength workouts center my body, so they all have amazing qualities! Keep on moving in whatever way brings endorphins to your body!
Ronnie J.
My workouts are not consistent. When I do them it is 7-10 minutes and I think about lubricating my joints. It always helps me “feel” better and reminds me that I am the caretaker of this body. It puts me first in a busy life.
L Gio A.
I’m having a 10 minutes yoga session because I’m kind of used to it. But this morning for example I didn’t have time because of an appointment. So I danced in my bathroom on my favorite song just before taking a shower! Yoga helps me focus a lot, but dancing improved my mood!
Taiara A.
I started with 15 minutes workout (there is an Android app), later continued with a bigger training in a group led by a trainer.
Cassandre T.
Actually this is a bad habit of mine. If I do a workout it’s a good one, either a proper 5K+ run or a 1h yoga or a 2K swim. I don’t have a short burst workout that I could do and this stops me from doing anything actually.
Alfred Z.
I start my workout at 6AM it takes me between 30/45min.
I do plunge and Sauna after
I feel good energized and ready to start m y day
Isabelle W.
I slowly make my walks longer. I started with only 8 min and then 9, 10, etc. I don't know about focus but it definitely helps wakes me up.
Julie G.
My morning workouts vary based on the program I’m using. Currently, they’re 20 minutes long. I never really built up to longer workouts, I just trusted the process of the program I was using.

My morning routine is pretty simple: I wake up at 5:15, warm up some water, let that heat up while I brush my teeth and scrape my tongue, drink 30 oz of warm water while reading, start the coffee maker, stretch while it’s brewing, and then I enjoy a cup of coffee before the kids wake up.

Also: Netflix has a fireplace video that I put on every morning to set a relaxing space for myself.

Am Ndio Z.
Mine varies a lot based on how much time and energy I have. Some days I play some music and dance around while I make breakfast, others I take a walk or run, and still others I'll lift a few weights or do a couple bodyweight moves. It really ranges from 3 minutes to roughly 30.
Al Rio S.
I do stretching and a little yoga just to get the blood flowing for 10 or 15 minutes and it helps my mood and my energy.