What are your reasons to exercise? I really enjoy hearing about other people’s goals and aspirations. I want to exercise because since college has started for me about a year and a half ago, I’ve gained roughly 30 pounds. It’s surprising not too noticeable because I’m 6’7”, but I’m getting married in about 4 months and I really want to look my best for my wife and enjoy our honeymoon cruise without feeling self-conscious.

Fritz J.
That’s amazing man! Congratulations to you for taking that large step forward in your relationship & with your body/health. I believe the best will come about school,your marriage, & your health!
Ron U.
My reasons are to be healthier and feel better. When I exercise, I have more energy, more stamina, I’m more confident, my clothes fit better, even my food seems to digest better!
Sam R.
I want to exercise because in the past few years I've gained roughly 30 pounds. It is noticeable and it's not healthy. This weight gain has coincided with a move and entering the working world. I just let go of my previous good habits, and regular exercise was never one for more than six months at a time. I'm taking control of my life professionally, and this is part of what I need to do to take control of it perosnlly.
Lillie N.
Your wife will love you at 30pounds over and more. Will you love you at that weight? No. Exercise is a journey you take alone. If it's important to you, you must make it a priority. Get it done daily. Make it as important as eating breakfast. As getting enough sleep. As brushing your teeth. Start small and do it daily. Good luck
Galina E.
For me, the main reason is maintaining my mental and physical health. Excersing clears my mind and fuels me with energy, and I can definitely feel how it increases my mental capacity. It is this thought that actually drives me to tie my running shoes and get out there. I also find that setting reasonable goals (just going for a short run, or only doing my yoga twice a week), makes it much more achievable, so I don’t give up in advance.
Anton Z.
I’m not a fan of the word ‘excercise’, i have similar connotations about the word ‘diet’; they mean ‘no fun’ to me…so I have been working on changing that. I don’t go to a 3 hour dance classes to ‘exercise’ but to loosen up and express myself and I don’t go on long hikes to ‘exercise’ but to connect with nature and find peace. Exercise is not my motivation, having more inner peace and fun is.
Owen T.
Cardiovascular benefits and good posture – yes call me vain . I do not think exercise it critical to weight loss- you can eat more calories in 5 minutes than you can lose exercising for 5 hours.
S Kr U.
I've started excercising 'cause I wanna lose some weight. And it makes me feel better. I just want to be my best self this year.
Sylvio X.
For me, starting a real exercise habit only started after I realized exercise feels friggin’ good. The runner’s high, the soreness after a hard workout, seeing yourself change in the mirror (although I’m in the trying to gain weight camp). After you get that initial hurdle of low key suffering, the mount of pleasure that you uncover is great.
That being said, I resort to the old Taoist saying, “Act without acting on, work without working at”. Instead, find joy in the activity. Besides, if it gets hard, ask your wife for support! Congratulations and best wishes!
Ralf R.
I enjoy excersizing because it gives me energy, nice legs, a flat tummy and I also feel proud of myself. By doing excersize it also conditions my mind to do other tasks I whould normalky be to lazy to do.
Lucia U.
My dog is my inspiration. She challenges me every day to take a walk, even when I don't feel like it. Her happy little smile and wag keep me walking when I want to stop.
Elma Q.
Hi and congrats on your upcoming wedding. The main reason I exercise is stress control. Exercising makes such a difference in my mental outlook as I have struggled with depression all of my life.
Ashley I.
I’ve found that over my 20 year career my weight always goes up and my exercise levels go down when I’m stressed out.
Exercise is the way I know I’m taking care of myself and not headed into a dark place. Weight gets harder and harder to lose and injuries get more and more common. I exercise because it keeps me sane and motivated and optimistic about my future. My fitness lets me do things I love, like hiking and biking and dancing and scuba diving and exploring new places on foot. Exercise helps me feel confident in every area of my life. I still struggle with getting as much as I should from time to time, so don’t be too hard on yourself.
Bruce J.
I would say my reasons for exercise would be that I was tired of feeling tired. It’s a great stress relief after a long day of work the side benefits are you look better and feel better
Frederikke F.
I exercise to feel good. To be clear it’s NOT ‘to exercise to lose weight, to look better because THEN I’ll feel good’. It’s those moments after the dragging yourself out, after the ‘pain’ during and shortly after … right there after that wears off, there’s a rush of energy and an almost lighter feeling. Watch out for it. It’s so good. Through the day your sharper, more aware, not as sluggish as the day before when you didn’t exercise. Then right when you get into bed at the end of the day. That warm feeling of the bed, all of a sudden you’re ready, so sleepy and that feels good too. It’s from exercising also. It’s those moments that feel good. The rest takes care of itself. 😉
Agapito C.
Exercise makes me feel better. Even 20 mins a day makes the difference. I feel fresh, healthy, energetic all day. It helps to maintain a good body posture. I have very low stamina. Exercise helps to increase it and strengthen my muscles. I wish to have strong muscles.
Fabiano P.
it’s so much more complicated than that. for me, it’s been through a long journey of healing and learning to truly love myself that I gave myself the motivation to exercise. the more i loved myself the more I cared about living the best version of myself. life is too short and you can go to sleep and never wake up.

I know how vital exercise is to my health and well-being, so I have made it a priority to incorporate it into my every day life because I want the best for myself. 🥰

hope that helps. thanks for being vulnerable.

Roy C.
Then this is probably not gonna be too inspirational for you, but I do it because I love to bike around the park especially in this starting spring weather. It's peaceful but still wakes me up and puts a smile on my face.
When I did strength training, I liked the feeling of getting stronger each session or noticing another changing muscle/body part, we were spotting them on each other with my SO and that was fun. Also at the end of working out I spent some time in the gym sauna and left with feeling strong, proud and relaxed.
Charlie O.
I feel happy when I start to see results. Beside it gives me alot of energy and make me feel good that I accomplised something to myself
Lyna E.
I decided to make it about self care vs weight loss. Stress relief for example and it helps me to stay motivated with out the pressure.
Theodora Y.
Honestly I love pizza. It's not so unhealthy that I shouldn't eat it, but it's also something I have to actively burn. I work out and stay active so that even when I'm 40 I won't have to worry about eating pizza. That and my girlfriend loves my six pack and pecs. You feel so good when you look in a mirror and you are fit. Not like body builder, just fit is enough to feel fantastic. Trust me. Even just a week of working out and you'll start to notice something, but don't expect anyone else to notice quite yet. Not everyone inspects your body every day to see improvement. It'll take more like 2 months for other people to notice. Tip: if you want big arms, lift heavy. Heavy enough to wear you can only do like 6 reps and you're tired. Also work out your shoulders. The key to big looking arms is big shoulders.

Also really awesome side effect. If you build up your core, meaning lower back and abs, you will notice a marked improvement in balance and stability. If you were clumbsy before you won't be after and even when you do fall you will have more control, ex like when snowboarding or something.

Lastly, stretch. Stretching should take almost as long as your workout itself. Do this after your workout. You will feel better trust me and you won't be as sore.

Allan C.
Sounds like you have already provided your answer for yourself. My current reason is similar in that I’ll be in Hawaii with my family in 2 months and could use the trim.
Oscar W.
After college I have gained about 20 pounds just because of my change in lifestyle and sedentary job. I am tired of not feeling comfortable trying on clothes or wearing “summer clothes” like shorts and swimsuits. On top of that, I have a Long Beach vacation planned this summer and want to just relax while not thinking how I look in a swimsuit.
Andrea S.
Same with any on earth I think. My reason for exercise is to be healthy. My body is a bit masculine although I'm a woman, maybe because I have a big bone structure. So, I have long past dreaming about having a curvy body like models and such. However, I do dream that by exercising, I'll at least shed a few pounds from my weight.
Iracema Z.
Hi! thanks for sharing your honourable reasons.
I practice exercices because I want to feel good in my body then I will feel good in my mind too. I discovered few months ago I had a disease and I want to fight back to win the battle and prove to my body I can overcome it. Thanks for reading.
Keep exercising! You are doing a good job.
Kelya P.
My reason for exercising is evolving. I used to do it so I would feel good about myself and more capable of doing things I want to do, but more importantly I was taking my dog out to enjoy the beauty of the day. I loved seeing him happy and that drove me to workout. This last year my dog passed away, and I can't believe it now but it's been almost a whole year since I've worked out. I struggle with depression, and j know exercising is one of the few ways to help. But it's not easy getting back into it, it took me going to the hospital for unknown health issues. This scared me enough to at least do this for me again. I just started slow, 7 minute exercises like on here or just 10 to 15 minutes of yoga help so much to get your mindset back into one of caring for yourself. Do it for her, but more so do it for you, so you can do amazing fun adventures together. Not hold yourself back from the beauty of life because exercising is hard. But everything is hard at first, right? Good luck, let's do this together! A little movement everyday. Put on your grooving music and just move and feel your body's muscles limber up. They will crave it soon.
Catherine N.
Mobility! You can lose weight by changing your eating habits,but exercising regularly is what will help me in being able to bend over to pick up my grandkids
Jacek X.
I like to exercise because it brings down my anxiety. My mind will run itself in circles if I don’t move around! I tend to overthink things and bring myself down that way. I want to feel better and have more energy overall, and be as fit as I can be to keep up with my energetic boyfriend. I also want to live a long life with him.
Ida W.
I exercise not only to burn extra calories, believe me I've had 3 children, so I know a thing or two about gaining a lot of extra weight! These kids keep me busy so I make it a point to push myself whether I'm walking, chasing them around, or actually doing groundwork like crunches or leg lifts. I need that extra energy that exercising brings you. It also helps with depression and and anxiety, having kids, I do not have time to be depressed so I HAVE to keep moving and pushing myself to avoid any slumps.
Marie Y.
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Being healthy is the most important part of eating right and exercising. Best to do that for yourself. However, it is nice that it benefits someone else.
Keith X.
I exercise because I’ve found a type of exercise that I love! Going out and working on my yoga swing allows me to feel truly alive
Marcia G.
Hi, congrats on getting married – married life is wonderful in so many ways, you'll see. You do not have to think about excercise as a one time goal, you have to think of it as a life style, including routine, gym buddy, body transformation, food and helth. Travels for competing in some discipline e.t.c. You also have to understand that sometimes you will feel lazy but you know what – in such days just go to the gym and be lazy there. Find something that is an easy excercise for you, for me is running, so when l am lazy for heavy lifting for example, l just decide to go and run and often after the run l am in a better mood and usually do some more. The trick is to get to the gym – once there you are on it. Also look at instagram of people excercising – it looks easy and eventualy you can get to that stadium yourself. I am in the thirth month post patrum and am on the same journey as yourself. Good luck to both of us. On the wedding just smile and have a good time, smile looks better on photographs than a fit body and excercise along before and after the wedding. Excercising gives you energy.
Lana C.
although weight loss can be a great motivater, i find it more motivating to acknowledge how good you feel after exercising. do you feel energized ? endorphins ? take note of how you feel and if you want to feel that way again. whats most important though is finding a form of exercise you actually enjoy, and want to improve in. setting small fitness goals that are easy to achieve can feel really good once you achieve them, and motivate you to keep going!
Sophia S.
To combat my depression. After using fabulous, I was able to lose 17kg and was the healthiest I have ever been. Then I slipped back into my depression and I could see it was happening but couldn't will myself to change what I needed to. Finally was able to get the strength last night to do some exercise and instantly felt better. I'm 6kg heavier but I know I can lose it in no time.
H Lya C.
I exercise, to maintain a good heart blood pressure, pulse, healthy blood flow to my brain. If I lack of any movement on my body. I will gain weight faster. Overweight will damage my hips and knees. My blood will get thicker and my metabolism slower.
Julie G.
Honestly, I just feel better all together. I mean, looking great is just icing on the cake. I’m in nursing school and don’t have a lot of time so I often am stressed out and not able to focus because I’m overwhelmed. My overall health is better when I work out. I recover quickly from sickness and don’t usually get anything more than a slight cold. I feel more focused, I sleep better, and I have more energy without coffee throughout the day. I’m not so much into looking good as I am trying to build good habits for my overall physical, mental, and spiritual health! 🙂
Christine J.
Hi. My reasons for exercising is that I suffered from Builimia almost 4 years ago and I really feel so good and I really enjoy that I have overcoming that illness. I learn many things since that moment and understand that being healthy was really important not only fiscally but also mentally. Exercising for me is to try to keep my body healthy but also my mind and well is a way to show that I can keep in shape doing exercise instead of stop eating or things like that, so yes. I wish you could understand me and sorry for my English, I am learning it so I'm not really good…
Yvonne T.
I exercise to feel better. I notice that when I exercise 4 days a week I generally feel better- more confident, disciplined, and my clothes fit better.
I’ve chosen to exercise with someone like my husband, work friends or a trainer. Helps keep me honest!!
Ana S Z.
Wow congratulations! I started exercising because I wanted to lose weight, but now I notice that if I don't exercise I feel exhausted for the rest of the day.
Tilde F.
I haven’t been in shape since high school. I want to get back in shape, feel strong and energized, and feel like I have more control over my life.
I also want to build better relationships with people on my team.
Wyatt J.
I beleive in movement, in motion. Before any real reason from practical life i want to connect to my bodies inhert need for motion, like all living creatures. In our society we are penned up(willingly!!) And i want to be able to love me and my body and gift it the happiness of running through the fields…
Marcus P.
I love excercise because always makes me feel better afterwards. Whether it’s a hard work out that pushed me and I get adrenaline release. Or even a yoga workout that makes me feel settled and at peace afterwards. My endorphine / hormone level just feels reset. It keeps me coming back for more.
At O O.
I like to exercise not just for my physical health and appearance, but also my mental and spiritual well-being. Often, I’ll start a walk with no goal except to get started and clear my head for a few minutes. Then I find myself walking faster and longer because it feels good. It may even become a run. If it doesn’t, it’s okay because I only had the goal to get out. Either way, I’ve done something good for myself and I have a more positive attitude. Congratulations on your engagement. I wish you many happy and healthy years together!
Sara I.
My reason for exercising is to feel good about myself. My mental well-being is better, I have more of a spring in my step and I feel more confident. I’ve never done an exercise session I’ve regretted! I’d always used the excuse of being too busy, but after discovering HIIT workouts, I have no excuse!