How do you get back on track with excerising after unplanned breaks?

Louanne O.
I have to have a goal with excersising bc then it give me something tangible to hold on to.
It pushes me to get back on track when I’ve fallen off so to speak
Mari F.
I had a break during holidays. Now I’m back home and I just started again. It feels good to have some routines and discipline, I must admit. So maybe the feeling of accomplishment is a good motivator for me.
Vera J.
After weeks of not doing anything I kept getting more and more notifications from fabulous reminding me to do my habits. I just thought: "If I do my habits I won't get so much notifications" and that's how I got back on track
Vanessa N.
Honestly, I'm currently trying to get back on track myself, but I think the most sure way to get started again is to start small again, like I'm doing ten pushups instead of twenty, fifteen situps instead of 20, that sort thing, just to ease back into the routine.