Some examples of exercise habits?

Thomas W.
In the mornings I like to wake and drink a glass of water before putting on workout gear. The clothes are put out the night before for am ease. I put on workout music before starting and have timed workouts to stay on schedule.
Marius W.
I hate running (lol) so I have a quick 20 minute strength routine that’s mostly bodyweight, and I move quickly through all the exercises to keep my heart rate up. Squats, lunges sit-ups, dumbbell press, hip thrusts, ab twists. Or, if I’m really not feeling that or running late I just do yoga stretches for 5-10 minutes—there’s a ton of guided routines on YouTube that are easy to follow. But mostly all that was trial and error—look stuff up, try it, adjust until you get something that works. Good luck, you got this!
Julie F.
Walking my dog. SimpleFit Routine. Jump rope. Walking to and around Alamo Square. Jogging on beach barefoot. Kettlebells. Biking. Dancing. Jumping Jacks. Yoga. High intensity stuff like tabata.
Jo Z.
If you’re new to exercise a brisk walk for 30 minutes each day will do wonders for your health! If you’re a little more experienced then a good 30 jog or run is for you! Sit-ups, push-ups, and squats are good too!
Gertrude U.
I'm wondering if anyone out there with chronic or severe low back pain has suggestions on workouts that don't cause more pain?
Ron E.
Putting things away in your house, tidying up, organizing, cleaning… burns calories and gets your body moving. Setting a timer and getting up for 10 mins every hour to stand and move in any way, instead of sitting at a desk or couch as hours pass. This boosts metabolism and circulation and gives you more energy! Using the stairs whenever it’s Ian an option. Taking a walk to the next bus stop up as you are waiting. Window shopping just to look around and get a walk in. Parking at the far end of the parking lot and walking in for more exercise. Taking your time shopping for groceries down most aisles to walk extra. Getting your mail daily. Walking around a park to admire gardens and animals, or a nice neighborhood where there’s lovely landscaping. Walking your dog daily. Having a regular yoga practice, even if it’s is just a few poses to stretch and loosen up tournaments muscles. Foam rolling massage using your body strength to maneuver and feels fantastic to reduce pains. 5 mins of stretching when you wake up or before you go to bed. Eating balanced blood sugar to fuel your energy so you feel like moving and combat fatigue. A walk down the street with a friend. A walk in a wooded trail to rejuvenate you. Setting a time to for 10 mins. I call this the power of 10! Then being busy moving in some way for that time, stretching, yoga, music on dancing, washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning a bit, walking outside or inside, taking the stairs, anything to kick that’s sluggish lazy blah I don’t feel like it low energy into gear and lift your mood too! This can’t bring you mental clarity, focus, healthy organs, lower your risk of all diseases, boost your immune system, boost metabolic rate- how well you burn stored fat and calories, and give you more confidence in yourself!!!! Best of luck and many blessings to you on your personal wellness journey! We are all in this together! Just keep showing up for yourself and make you proud of your efforts to gently love and care for your sacred temple of a body!!! Own it, love it, honor it! I am on my own journey trying to do the same!!! All my love and support to you!!! You can do more than you think, step by step, little by little, conquer the lethargy and apathy!!! You totally got this!!!! Now go be your awesome truest you!!!!
Sandra O.
There are lots of different kinds of habits depending on what you are trying to develop/improve.

Stretching: Tie a stretch to a particular action like standing on tip toe for a bit when getting something from a high shelf. Do “legs up the wall” before getting ready for bed.

Movement: Park further away from your objective so you walk more. Walk 5 minutes before each meal. Go for a longer walk first thing after getting up and dressed.

What do you enjoy? What do you want to encourage in yourself? Start small. Jumping in with running a mile every day when you haven’t moved in years will generally fail.

Do not require perfection. Perfection does not exist.

Louella U.
Invest enough time in activities that actually work for your mental, physical, spiritual Andy emotional being. Some exercises are designed for the physical body but not the mental si look for things that strengthens all areas, there most probably aren't many, but the ones you do find always remember to include the most in your routine.
Darren J.
Exercising while baby naps every day. Running with the stroller at least 2x/week. Doing a 7 minute full body every day to at least get some movement in.
Raul N.
I have some video routines that I've been doing. It's a decent collection that works a bunch of different body parts with a bunch of different styles. Weight training, cardio, HIIT, core, cardio, various yoga, and stretching. And then as far as habits go, I just get up and do it. I've been working on pushing past excuses, and I've gotten consistent enough now that I no longer question if I'm going to exercise. Now the question is what exercise is going to be good for me to do. I like the way I feel, I appreciate the way I look, and I enjoy being able to keep up with my son who just won't stop growing 😋
Tristan C.
I have a free Pilates app that gives 5 minute workouts and do 1 or 2 in the mornings-this is especially handy to do over cardio if you don’t have time to shower!
Beatrice Z.
It is where you are able to exercise everyday at all times without complaining or getting hurt or sore. Also where you feel like exercising is a part of your life.
Herman O.
Yoga in the morning if I am not going to the gym is easy for me. Just beginning a gym routine, so just seeing how much I actually enjoy exercising has been fun for me.
Len Cia W.
I will answer this from a college perspective. A lot of college students complain about not having time to exercise. I think that for most people, this will be untrue because I know people who lead exceedingly demanding lives and yet find time to work out. I think the key is to make it an unconditional habit of your day. Something that isn't to be compromised with, like your classes. That way you can make sure to not miss it and break your streak.
Leroy P.
13 minutes of beginner yoga class from youtube. Its a great stretch and helps to wake up! I feel completely different after it!
Tiffany O.
Some examples of exercise needs to be something that fits into your time and something you enjoy so that could be walking, running, going to the gym, swimming, tennis anything really but you need to enjoy it otherwise you wont want to do it
Manon G.
Sometimes when I need to go for a run or workout after work and I’m not motivated, I go home and put my workout clothes on, but I don’t work out right away. I give myself some 30 minutes or so to watch some tv, or read, whatever I feel like doing just to decompress. After that, I think ‘well, I already have my workout clothes on’ and somehow that way it’s much easier to go for a run.
Angelina Y.
Thank you for the question. I’d like to do a circuit of cardio, core, and weights. For the cardio, low impact ……Bike, elliptical, or rebounder. Core is so important for strength — Planks, lunges and squats for example. And I do weight training both on machine and on free weights. For a quick morning routine I like to stretch and do a little rebounding.
Paula J.
The basic is walking. As much as you can. Consciously park away from the entrance of a mall or food market, etc. Walk a certain route in morning & evening.
Second (related to 1st):
NEAT – NonExercise Activity Thermogenesis. Take the stairs, walk on short errands, actually lifting everyday things, do gardening, etc.
Next – as Fabulous trains us – build even a quick HIIT into your morning routine. 7 minute basic or 7 minute advanced is fast but effective. Bobby Maximus routine of "climb down the ladder" repetitions of 5 basic exercises is simple, fast, & you can start anywhere for reps on the ladder.
Best wishes.