Does anyone practice yoga?

Kelly Q.
I’ve tried sporadically over the years to do so, but have not succeeded in making it a habit. Maybe this time around…?
Rose C.
Yes. Yoga is a great exercise to strengthen the body and to quiet the mind. I, personally, have a lot of negative thoughts in my head when I exercise but yoga quiets those thoughts and replaces them with thoughts of gratitude and self-worth.
Kirk Y.
I do a few yoga poses but I’m totally dedicated to it. I’d like to practice it more though but in a group setting instead of on my own. As of right now I have these set of cards that show you how to breathe, stretches and of course the yoga poses.
Salvador G.
I practice yoga alternating with Pilates about 5 days/week, except when I am working out of town. I am studying to become a yoga instructor.
Birgid A.
Not really. It’s hard to learn on you own and I’ve really not wanting to pay for classes. I did do PiYo back at sVSU and I miss that a lot but the videos are REALLY expensive and Mandy really made that class. Her motivation And personalization really helped
Willie F.
I start a new session tomorrow! I find it to be extremely beneficial for stress reduction. However, I typically engage in a more rigorous workout in addition to yoga a few times a week. I’m trying to develop a better practice of meditation and yoga is very helpful.
Martha P.
Yes I do. Not as regularly as I should. Mostly when I feel stressed or my muscles ache. I used to do it twice a day. Then you feel a real difference.
Claudia E.
I mean if they want to they can. The only thing is is that yoga is relatively easy and if you practice you aren’t really practicing and you and more just doing yoga.
Thibaut Z.
Yes! I love yoga. It's very calming and the stretching has kept daily aches and pains from the office at bay. Also I have notoriously bad ankles and the balence poses have really helped increase the strength and stability of them to the point where I can now run a fair distance multiple times a week without ankle pain or needing my braces. It's also helped my all over strength the difference is subtle and strength progress is much slower than would be seen with other exercise but it is there I'm able to hold planks longer, I can almost hold my chateranga now and I definitely have seen a little more definition in my legs. Every teacher is a little bit different and I take away something different from each one. My most recent thing is keeping the smile of my chest open – I was told that by an instructor a couple weeks ago and I think about it a lot. It's done wonders for my posture particularly while I'm moving which in turn has helped with office aches and pains. Honestly I can't recommend a regular yoga practice enough.
Charles Y.
I absolute love to start the day with Yoga. I would recommend finding Yogawithadriene on line. There are dozens of free videos that are easy to follow and it feels like you are part of a community.
Bruce L.
I don't know. Yoga may be a mind body connection so practicing might not be the right word. I just do yoga because it feels good.
Brennan E.
I practice yoga when I'm watching a movie sometimes 30 minutes ,in the pull other 30 minutes
I hope I answered right…
Kylie U.
Yes! I try and do yoga twice a week! It relaxes me and stretches me out from other workouts. It’s low impact and really is grounding.
Michael C.
Yes, I have worked yoga into my daily morning routine. I wake up at 6, drink a glass of water, go to my living room, listen to morning affirmations or a guided meditation track, and then turn on "yoga with adriene" on YouTube and choose one that fits my morning best. It helps me develop a calm energy to face my day with.
Noah E.
I do, here and there. It helps me have better focus and flexibility. I enjoy some strengthening yoga along with my running/workout routine. I like to alternate as the yoga 🧘‍♂️makes me stretch my muscles and helps with the soreness after a run/workout.
Lyam E.
Yes. I find it offers flexibility as a beginner. And on a more advanced level, through those same movements, offers huge improvements to basic overall strength that often goes ignored (because we're unaware and it's subtle) in any classic strength training. I consider it a great addition to workouts.
M Cio I.
Yes, I am currently focussing on the adrenal set and following the video recorded by Maya Fiennes during some of my exercise times.
Clifton J.
I do. I practice about five days a week. I go easy on myself, usually do the same poses daily. Then sometimes I'll catch a class and do harder poses
Alida O.
Hi 😊 I try and do yoga 3-4 times a week, helps me not only stretch and increase my flexibility and strength but it helps me to focus as well and to center myself.
Perry N.
I wanna start soon. My Uni just starts today, I'll be free on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and fridays, so I'll start from tomorrow and practice yoga on these three days. 🙂
Pero F.
I personally do not, but I know a lot of people who do, and they really benefit from it. Most of my exercise is through dance so I don’t have a lot of time to try yoga, but from what I hear it’s worth it. If you are thinking about it, I strongly recommend that you try it.
Antoine F.
Not really. But I used to, so for my morning exercise I now do a combination of the 7min workout from this app and some partial yoga routines. That way I train my muscles as well as my flexibility.
Isaac Z.
Sometimes. It took me about three years of trying to be mentally prepared to actually enjoy yoga. When I do it regularly, I love it and can feel great things happening with my body.
Selma W.
Yep, and I really love it! I'm a total beginner so I watch yoga with adriene videos and she does a great job of going slowly and explaining variations for beginners. My flexibility and wrist strength have improved so much since I started.
Stacey W.
Yes. Yoga helps me be clam and clears my head. I haven't don't yoga in a while though I used to do itit before. Now my body ha become very stiffso I am thinking of continuing it again.
Sander Z.
Yes everyone who does yoga, practices yoga. I never tried doing yoga but I think that it will be really nice and serene to try it.
Maya U.
I do yoga! It is my go-to form of exercise because it not only helps build strength, but it’s wonderful for flexibility and learning to connect to yourself. Recently, I was getting a massage and the massage therapist told me that she could tell I do yoga because of the way my muscles felt. She said that yoga is one of the best exercises you can do for your body and your muscles. If you’re unsure how to start, I would recommend doing at home yoga. You can look up different yoga videos on YouTube. Hope that helps!
Theodoros F.
Yes, I practice yoga. I follow Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. It can help you decide what part of the body you want to focus on or follow the 30 day challenge with her.
Gregory U.
I do sometimes in the morning. I've found it's a good way to make myself exercise even if I'm sore or fatigued. I usually just look up a flow on youtube.
Tess S.
Good morning Fabulos user; i don't practice it every day like i should but a few times a week I stretch, breathe, (especially the breathing) to wake up body & sole. Hope this helps.