How do you motivate yourself everyday?

Loreto F.
I’m thinking of what I’m grateful for. Thinking where I’ve been and where I’m at, as well where I can go. I’m letting myself rest when needed and then go all in again when I’m rested.
Terra U.
Short answer: optimize how I feel physically and put the things I'd like to do top off mind.

Long answer:

I have a chronic health condition, so this is an ongoing struggle for me. I've isolated a couple of things: how I feel physically and what I'm thinking about.

Everyone has different things that get their bodies awake and feeling well in the morning. For me, aside from sleep, drinking plenty of water to rehydrate, stretching, and meditation are the critical items. The water is especially important: I find if I drink 8 oz water before bed and keep a cup of cool water at my bedside, I get better sleep. Stretching and meditation help with any pain and prepare my mind for the next step.

Once I've taken care of those essentials, I take a look at my notebook with what I accomplished yesterday, which I bullet-point out the most days before. Then I figure out what time is not already "bespoke" and jot down what I'd like to a) accomplish and b) experience during the next several hours.

Stuff to accomplish consists of 2-3 things that meet goals or responsibilities. This could include things like mailing a package or making appointments as well as reading a chapter in a book about something I'm learning or planning a home improvement project.

Stuff to experience includes at least 1 thing that lifts the spirit, such as visiting a friend, being someplace beautiful in nature, or reading. The only requirement is that it's something I can 100% commit to, barring the unforeseen. I think of it as a way to honor the day.

Then I just figure it when I'm going to do the things and get going.

I also remove friction by doing things like sleeping in clothes I can stretch in, showering the night before, and having an idea of what I want to wear that I love that day.

Emergency get-going trick: if I'm really having trouble getting motivated, I ask my son or husband to select a favorite item of clothing or accessory for me to wear and bring it to me, so I feel motivated to at least put it on.

Ferdi F.
I don't think about a thing more than a day ahead. I only take things one at a time otherwise it's too much. I remember how much better I felt the day before after drinking water so I do that again and the rest follow.
Justin J.
I love checking off boxes. This gives me energy to do more. So I create todos for even the smallest things, which I know I’ll do anyway. When I check them off, I get motivated to start bigger tasks.
Alexander B.
Sometimes it can be hard to find motivation. We don't feel happy, something at school, work or in our personal life puts pressure on our shoulders and in our mind. But if you truly want to see a change in yourself, you will do it for you. Not for them, for you. No matter what the action is, drink water, eat breakfast, exercise – do it for you. Just do it.
Katie Q.
Prep, prep, prep! If things are out the night before I will do it tomorrow. That said-I should do it not only on days I go to work, but also on days I don’t!
Charles A.
I’ve really been having trouble with motivation lately. I feel too much pressure right now. I have about 8 weeks left to reach my HealthyWage goal. Fighting all the time with kelly who tries to “motivate” me but instead makes me feel bad. So fabulously is helping me learn to be positive and set goals and create good habits. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring! So short answer — fabulously and the everyday quotes which I text to myself.
Danny R.
I try to remind myself that my life is not going to get any better if I don’t push through. Nothing in life worth anything is just handed out. If you want something you have to prove yourself worthy. Thats why you don’t see homeless people winning the lottery. I think about the things in my life I want to change, and the new things I want to have in the future.
Eugene Z.
Tricky! I think it's much more about getting the habit rather than motivation – When I first started using Fabulous it took me ages to get the habit/rhythm and in fact I ignored it for months, but recently I've managed to keep it going because I persisted and got in to the habit. You must not be too hard on yourself either – don't expect to do everything every day – you will miss some things and that's OK.
Joyce W.
I like to start at night. Making sure everything is ready for the day ahead of me. And once I wake up, I don’t procrastinate on doing my daily tasks. I make a schedule and stick to it until my day is done and I can relax. I feel less stress when i have a plan!
Emmerich U.
Im not the only one thats been encouraging myself fabulous does. So as much as i wright my goals i am encouraged to do my tasked wright
Gilbert N.
Some days can be a struggle when it comes to food, exercise or something else in your life. When I get home from work, tired and with 0 motivation to workout, I always try to remember how I felt after the last time I did it. How good I felt. The same comes to food, when you cook yourself a good healthy meal even when you are tired and tempted to go for fast food. Put your focus on how you feel/felt when you've done these tasks.

But please remember!!!
We are humans and sometimes humans needs pizza. Savor that pizza moment and go right back to your healthier alternatives. Until next time😆

Michele O.
I wake up and reflect on the day before and see all the tasks I was able to get done. If I still have more things to do, after I've celebrated yesterdays task victories, I sit and write all the remaining tasks that must be completed. So forth and so forth. You're never fully done until you can celebrate that accomplishment.
Nevaeh X.
I dont think I have a daily way to motivate myself. Life goes on, you have to keep moving for family. However, I have many days that are given the very bare minimum.
Rosa Y.
While enjoying my severance time I need to keep some focus on the future. Small steps in training or homework or a project around the house. Just do one and check it off the list. Once you get started you know you won’t stop.
Bert T.
Jeg gjør dette fordi det hjelper meg å nå mine mål. Bygge En solid grunnholdning , gi slipp på 5 kilo og skrive ferdig sluttrapporten.
Laura T.
I remember that the reason I’m trying to build these habits is so that a few years down the road, I’ve built strong habits to last me. I also think about how good I feel accomplishing these small tasks!
Bernhardine O.
I motivated myself by telling myself that I am not going to let myself down by that saying that I'm going to do something but I don't end up doing it after all.
Bernadete Q.
I recommend you first become self aware and think about what you want to do with your life. Think of the long term why first. When you have the reason why you want to do what you are doing the motivation will come. For example if my long term goal is to make money and work from home, I have to remind myself it will never happen if I don't learn programming everyday. So basically think of life goals. Break that into year goals. Break that into month goals, then week goals, and use that to plan your week. Then the motivation will come. I didn't come up with this idea, it is used in the law of attraction.
H L Na Y.
I do, because I think that it’s the best way to respect the day and things you get with it. I motivate myself every day, sometimes just with talking with the mirror, or with myself, but also with reminding about things that I passed through. When you motivate yourself, it’s important to have couple of goals which you want to do through the day. I hope this helps.:)
Francisco Q.
I write a "Things to do today" list each day. I also pray each day for strength and motivation, to complete the tasks I need to do.
Isabella E.
This is a good one. Thoroughout time and experience I've learned motivation is not something necessary as long as you're disciplined. Motivation inspires you to start doing stuff, but it's discipline what makes you persist. There's no way to stay motivated all the time, not even famous and successful people can. The real key is discipline, always remember that. The results of your consistent work will be your motivation.
Roberto T.
I pray that I am thankful to have this day and that I am alive healthy in this world. No matter how bad my mood is, this gives me hope to alter my mood to be more positive! Also, moving my body gives more positive energy.
Madison U.
Как сказал Артемий Лебедев: как себя мотивировать? А никак. Оставайся в жопе.

Если серьезно, то благодаря "колесу жизни" вычисляешь те области над которыми стоит поработать.
2. Прорабатываешь область, выписываешь екшн степы и…
3. Каждый день делаешь чтото из того что наметил. Я использую гугл календарь что бы напомнить себе пропить витамины, отжаться, сделать планку, сделать часовую прогулку, проработать 10 пальцевый слепой метод печати, учить англ и тд.
4. Отмечать в дневнике что сделал или в гугл календаре ставить галочку или переносить на позже екшн степ, если не удается сразу его сделать после напоминания

Cemil X.
I keep watching my 5 month ago picture with 15kg more and tired face and, then, the last pic with my daughter, smiling and playing!
Sofia E.
Each morning, as part of my morning routine, I motivate myself to complete the routine by reminding myself of how it reinforces/helps me work toward my larger goals. When I struggle to motivate myself to do things that aren’t immediately gratifying, I try to reframe to ask “What can I do now that will make tomorrow easier?”, or I ask myself “how does this help me work towards my larger goals?”, or I imagine presenting to a panel of ppl I respect 5 years from now (including my future self) and being questioned on why I’m not the person I want to be then, and having to justify my decision to not do this thing that I know I should do now.
Phillip F.
I keep in mind the happiness I feel after I accomplish what I set out to do. That keeps me motivated and wanting to continue.
Kenneth T.
I motivate myself by looking at how miserable my life is and how much I want to change it
I'm in a place where I feel lost in life, and have no idea what to do. I feel like I don't have any goals anymore. I want to change this.
Regina P.
I wish I could say “I” motivated myself everyday, but I’m not that strong yet. Some days my motivation is nonexistent, (I have a degenerative condition that not only affects me physically, but is quite taxing on me mentally and emotionally) so I utilize my need to check off my to do lists on those days! This app is what really motivates me, at least until they become habit, then they don’t really need my motivation-they just are. I tried my own to do lists, but with this I feel like I’m held accountable and together with the letters and reminders that come with it it is somehow easier😊 I hope this makes sense!! Best of luck.
Loris F.
Hi, I just had a baby and the morning routine is the only time I take for myself, so it’s more a pleasure than a sacrifice. If in the morning I am tired, which happens more than not, I think that I am just a small effort away from being better for the rest of the day, so I make this first small effort and I go out of the bed, then everything else follows. Also as exercise I do yoga and this helps me listen to my body and do only what I can without excessive stress for my bones.
Oseas Q.
I write little notes to remind me why I'm on this journey and create moodboards for my goals. I believe having the visual aspect helps me to keep motivate!
Louis Y.
I try to keep a "What happens if I do/don't?" mentality. If I start this daunting task, I'll stop being worried about it. If I don't excercise regularly, I'll be more tired when I'm surprised with a difficult task. On my worst days, I adopt the "Do it anyways." mentality. I've done this task before. I can do it again. I know it results in good. I don't wanna, but let's do it anyways.
Marion F.
I remind myself of why I'm looking to better myself in the first place. I compare how I felt about myself in the past as opposed to how I feel about myself now. Then I simply ask aloud, "Do I want to be that person who is upset at herself all the time? Unhappy with how I look and feel and with the stagnation of my life or do I want to continue leveling my life up, appreciating who I am, and augmenting the relationships I have with my loved ones?"

Once I ask that, its pretty easy to stay motivated.

Be the better you 🙂