After my exercise, I feel tired, and not so much more energy for the rest of the things… how should I change this?

Edin Ia G.
Try to implement certain foods that boost your energy (coffee doesn't count), drink lots of water and take cold showers right after the work out. If you still feel tired, consider changing your routine. Maybe not work out in a very intense way but in lighter one. Or working out AFTER doing most of the things you want to to with full energy. Adjust it to your preference.
Sattu F.
Then I guess you should shift your workout for after you're done with your work. I do this too. It helps and it also refresh me after a long day if work!
Kirsten O.
Exercise at the end of your day. Or go for high energy exercises, at first you feel tired after but in the long run once your body gets used to it, it actually gives you more energy.
Jada Y.
I find drinking plenty of water and having a nice rejuvenating shower gets my energy up after a morning workout. Also, make sure your nutritional needs are met; fuel your transformation!
Kimoita F.
I actually felt good after my exercise because I enjoy exercising. Yes, I always feel tired after every exercise but I always know that the long-term benefits far much outweigh the short-term exhaustion.
Adam W.
There are different solutions to your problem. The first would be to try to regain your energy with healthy foods like oats and high calorie fruits like bananas, this helps give your body that boost of energy you need. Another one would be doing your exercise at the end of the day when there aren't many requirements, this will help you rest after without worrying about your priorities. Also remember that strength is mind game, if you make yourself believe that you can do it, you eventually will.