Any recommendations for easy and short exercises in the morning?

Raysa G.
Doing jumping jacks thirty times in the morning improves your heart rate and loosens your hand and leg muscles. Also doing knee bends up and down ten times makes your legs feel comfortable
Daline Z.
Yoga is the prefect workout to refresh your mind and body in the morning. I do a lot of yoga poses (mostly standing poses) and then end my workout with sun salutation.
Strawberry D.
If you click the launch button on the app, there are some guided exercises. There is even a 1 minute one! I prefer yoga in the morning, but whatever works for you!
Rachel A.
I would prefer just stretching first, then maybe do like 20 jumping jacks and run on the spot for a while to wake yourself up!
Skyler F.
Check out the app FitOn. It’s free and they have great on demand exercise options for all fitness levels and types of workouts.