Are there specific exercises I can do that will give me more energy? Or any energy, really!

Miss N.
I think the 7 minute workout provided by Fabulous is a great energy providing workout. It kind of hurts if you don’t workout or you workout rarely, but it gave me some more energy whenever I would workout first thing in the morning, then have some breakfast and water. I hope this helps you out, and I hope you have a lovely day.👋
Rachael N.
However you enjoy moving your body – dancing to your favourite song, going for a walk or run in nature, doing yoga or Pilates, or whatever else appeals to you.
Grace N.
Yeah! Well the short answer, kind of. There isn’t once certain movement that will give you the most energy, but the best type of exercise you can do is cardio. Cardio will boost your energy levels, especially if you do HIIT. Of course, if there is a deeper problem for your lack of energy, you might not be able to do the workout if you’re extremely tired. In this case I would recommend talking to your doctor to figure out the problem, perhaps getting blood work done to see if you’re low on vitamin D.
Baptiste U.
The cold shower is something that give you energy right after you do it. Furthermore, it has a LOT of benefits for your health. Trust me and try it. If you don't take cold shower curently, i advise you to start this habit step by step. Start by taking a hot shower and for the last 10 seconds take a cold shower. And when you will feel it you will increase the time in the cold. Have an amazing day !