How do you motivate yourself?

Amandine Z.
I motivate myself by remembering the importance of the end goal. The satisfaction worth more than any money in the world
Ainhoa T.
At the moment I am learning for some of the hardest exams in the country for the secnd time (I failed the first time). My motivation now basically is bragging rights and to shut my doubters up. I knoww it's not the best motivation but it's the only thing that keeps me going in my third month of learning.

Generally I'm motivated by seeing everything as a chance of self improvement and something to learn from. It also helps when I remember that with every step I take I am able to move away from the person I was at a time where I truly hated myself and the situation I was in.

Greg U.
Music, music and more music! If I wanna exercise, I put on a really peppy tune which makes me want to move. More soothing music when I want to relax and meditate
Augustin Z.
Also by getting Everything ready the previous day. A friend to join you also helps. Reward yourself after with something you really love doing. Like sitting in the garden in the sun drinking a nice cup of tea and read a magazine