How can I reduce my weight quickly?

Patrick O.
Counter question would be, why do you need to lose it quickly? How can you lose weight steadily in a healthy way? Sustainability is more valuable than speed.

Julian B.
A better mindset is how to change your eating and exercise habits to reach and maintain your goal of weight loss. I once lost weight very quickly – but I had cancer. You should rethink your idea of quick.

Freja B.
Make a life style change in area of food and physical activities. A good dieting plan can give some education about what is good to eat and what to avoid or minimize but it is not a solution. Learn about food and adjust your eating habits around good foods. Physical exercise is the other half of the equation. Always do something, jog, dance, walk, swim or something that you like to do or don’t like to do but give you a good feeling of accomplishment after you do it.

Abby E.
Trust me you don’t want to lose weight quickly, you want to lose weight the right way. It all starts with better eating and being more active, and having a good night sleep. It all starts when you start loving yourself and wanting to take care of yourself which means you’ll choose the better options in life like eating more vegetables, drinking water and exercising. You’ll see the difference between taking the easy way out which is starving yourself ( you’ll gain the weight back just as fast as you lost it) or choosing a better lifestyle ( doesnt mean you dont get to enjoy junk food) you’ll just be smart about it.

Olivia P.
No idea. I certainly can’t. So I am taking the long view. One kg at a time, keeping the weight down slowly & keeping my goals by doing what I can – every day… I’m very careful not to put too much pressure on myself – all this business with small, attainable goals is where I’m at. Good luck!

Maricota S.
I don’t believe one should. It will never stick – better to slowly but surely change your lifestyle by replacing bad habits/choices with good ones. You’ll be so busy being proud of who you are becoming on the inside that one day, when someone tells you how fantastic you are looking- you’ll probably be surprised because weight is spiritual in my opinion and is lost when you heal your soul- that’s not quick work – you’ve dedicated an entire human lifetime to it after all.

Ricky P.
Reducing weight, the number on a scale, is not usually a worthwhile goal in and of itself, unless you are trying to meet a specific number to qualify for a boxing or wrestling weight class. In that case you should know the only elements of weight that can change quickly are those that are not a part of your body – namely water (in your bladder and blood), food (in any stage of digestion) and air. To reduce these you can temporarily fast. If what you meant was some other goal, like decreasing body fat, there is no quick way. Eat less than you burn over time. Either burn more, eat less, or both, and KEEP AT IT until you see the result you desire.

Valerie Y.
Well, there aren't any reasonable ways to lose weight quickly. Depending on your size,and metabolizm, your body will lose weight the healthiest way it can and as fast as your body can handle. Patience is key and so is being the best you, you can be. STAY fabulous
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Gunnar R.
It's not good idea to lose weight too quickly. You'll only put it back on again before you know it. It is better to work on changing you eating habits and aim to lose weight gradually.

Denny O.
Hello fabulous user, if you’d like not to simply lose weight quickly but more permanently, I’d suggest to first try to cut the process shugar as much as possible, switch to fruit or so. Then try to mostly eat whole grains instead of regular bread or pasta, also always take the stairs instead of the elevator. These are the are some of the easiest things to do but have a good impact. Not only is it great for your body, it will automatically bring you to making better,healthier, more thoughtful decisions in your life leading to what you want.
P.s. maybe check out the daily dozen. A guide to what to eat in a day, its pretty easy

Ramna C.
I have been able to reduce a few pounds quickly this week my adding small excersize sessions throuout my day. I downloaded a free app on my phone that offers quick do anywhere workouts and I follow them when I can. I also incorporated more walking daily. I cut my lunch break in half and walk the other half. I do a few jumping jacks at work, and a few squats when I can.

Amanda U.
I have no idea, I have never been overweight and I am not a doctor or nutritionist. What comes to mind, however, is that looking for quick results is perhaps not the best way to make lasting sustainable lifestyle changes, and very rapid weight loss can actually be dangerous.

Juan N.
I am trying to do the same! I’m cutting out flour carbs and sugar but slipped up a little yesterday. I have to plan snacks and then eat them at the right times otherwise I get too hungry and grab anything.

Maya Z.
I have found my body responds well to walking, light lifting most days, heavy lifting 1 weekly, and intermittent fasting. I always watch trainers in the gym, killing their newbee clients!? Personally, if you want to change your body long term, find exercise you will do daily and intermittent fasting. Many people think "I could never starve myself" or "I could never have the energy to workout on an empty stomach!" or "I'm just too tired in the morning." I promise you, that is only a story they've been "feeding" you (no pun intended) so they could sell you something. Breakfast became the "most important meal of the day when Kellogs sales were hurting a number of years ago. When I have convinced people to try it, they came back amazed. Every single time! Your body will find fuel for itself when it needs to and to do that, it will dip into storage you want to reduce and it finds a more effecient fuel… isn't that the point? Notice how women who eat bananas and specially formulated womens food right before a workout don't seem to lose weight? Get your body moving daily, erase their sales pitch from your mind, and tune in to how you really feel when you ALLOW your body to exercise durning an unfed state. It will appreciate it and you will lose the weight.

Phoebe F.
Reduce or remove all startch from your diet as well as all fizzy cooldrink. I am struggling with the same problem and have started fasting once a week on mondays. Fasting won't be easy if you've never done it before, just keep water by your side to make it easier and remember tea or coffe is welcome when drank without any sugar or milk. No one said losing weight would be easy but fasting burns the carbohydrates(sugars that turn into fats) you have in reserve. Goodluck. You're going to have to want this badly enough if you are going to make it work. It is a commitment you are making to yourself. Hope this helps and just know that you're not the only one struggling with this but if you do your best results will show soon enough and exercise, even just dancing 15 minutes day, will always be a good add on to your weight loss journey.

Ken U.
Meal prep and have healthy snacks on hand. Have a buddy that holds you accountable. Drink a lot of water and try to load up on vegetables more than other carbs.

Elsa I.
You should not aim to lose weight quickly. The only way to lose weight is to eat less en excercise more. The only way to keep your weight down is make a lifestyle change which you can hold on to.

Philip W.
If you drink 2-3 litres of water per day, you especially lose water retention in your body which you might mistake as weight!

Lambert S.
You have to follow a healthy diet and drink a lot of water. Also instead of taking the bus or the car walk. You can download fitness apps

Tiago Z.
Calculate the calories you need in a day to gain, maintain, or lose weight (there are free calculators like this on the web). Then start counting calories and watching what you eat to stay around that losing weight calorie score

Lo C T.
Download a hydration app to track your water consumption. It’s important to drink about 2.5 liters a day. It actually helps speed up your metabolism and you get more energy!

Christian P.
Well, first of all you need to be dedicated and determined to reduce your weight because without it you will never be able to reduce it, people will suggest you a ton of methods and them ll be useless, unless you take action, just eat vegetables, drink a lot of water, do a lot of movement (excrecise) which you love, fresh meat, avoid junk food and sugar.

Don S.
Losing weight quickly means gain it back quickly. The best way to lose weight is going step by step day by day. First, start doing exercise 3 days a week. Then, quit the soda, then start eating more fruits and leaving behind the refined sugars. And so on, but one step at a time. Be pacient and you will se results.

Rasmus Z.
Personally, I don’t think reducing weight quickly is the best way. I think losing weight by exercising and eating properly is the healthy way. Going slower and changing your habits that caused you to gain it in the first place, will guarantee that you keep it off. That’s what I’m working on right now. Just a few months ago, I really cut calories and got walking and dropped 22 lbs in a month. The weather got cold and suddenly I gained half of it back. Now I’m using The Fabulous to form healthy habits and eating sensibly.

Isabella E.
If you reduce your weight quickly your skin will not adapt to your new body and you also quickly gain weight again. Start with creating small habits. Use better products, exercise daily, consult with M.D. and professional dietitian.

Ava U.
It's not safe to reduce your weight quickly, unless you're just losing water weight. Dehydration isn't great for you, either. Anyway, do you really want to look like a cancer patient?

Amalie W.
Cut your sugar intake (alcohol is often a big culprit). Then live on yogurt, veggies, water, and tea. Choose veggies that you enjoy without needing dressing (I like baby carrots, orange peppers, sautéed spinach, etc.).

Victoria S.
If you do it quickly then you’re most likely to gain it again. It took me 18 months to loose 10kgs. That was about 10 years ago, I have not gained much of it back since. I hit the gym on a daily basis