What other rituals do you perform besides your fabulous rituals?

Alexander B.
I love to pray and to read the Quran.
Alhamdu lillah, I always find peace and guidence on that.
Speaking with Allah through talking to him!
And hearing his guidance through his last revelation.
It's wonderful!
Jennifer O.
I have rituals with taking g care of my animals first thing in the morning and in the evening. I have rituals with starting my work day and getting everyone ready for school.
David F.
One of my morning rituals is i tend to my daughter's medical needs. She is gtube fed and every morning i get up i do her morning feed, change her dressing and get her ready for the day.
Lucile S.
I take many different vitamins, I'm doing a hair challenge to grow longer hair, and I'm doing a nail challenge to grow stronger nails. Personal care has become very important
Dorit Q.
Every morning, I spend at least 20 minutes sitting near my back window and enjoying a cup (or sometimes cups) of coffee, and every weekend my husband and I wake up and do the Saturday and Sunday NY Times crossword puzzles together.