I am having such a hard time making it to the gym. How can I get motivated?

Emily P.
I have several tricks I use to motivate me to workout. First, I reflect on the reasons I want to workout in the first place; what are the things I want that working out will give me? I think about those things and I envision what it will look like and feel like and I sit with that until I practically jump up to go workout. If that doesn't work, I picture myself at the gym working out and I let all the excuses roll through my head and I refute each excuse until I have no choice but to woman up and go workout.
Yvette X.
I know, I have the same problem!
I learned (from
Joe Dispenza) that when you can’t find the motivation you need discipline !
As simple as that.
You know by intuition that going to the gym is something really important to do and afterwards you feel so proud ! Use discipline when you lack motivation. Hope this helps ❤️🙌🏻
Anthony X.
Start small. Little exercises may not seem like much but they add up. For the gym maybe add a partner to hace more accountability. Also, find something fun at the gym to do. Enjoing the experience would make you want to come back
Tobias W.
For me, I am more motivated in the morning. So, I wake up early to exercise. I also try to chose a form of exercise I enjoy. I sometimes will share my exercise check ins on social media to hold myself accountable when people see I haven’t been going.
Fabien Z.
I’ve been there before, the best way is to start small. Start by going for a 10min walk. Give yourself time to make adjustments . For example, put your gym shoes where you spent the most time in your day. For me it’s the computer. So I put my gym shoes next to my desk. When I’m ready I put them on and go for a walk. Slowly your body will get stronger and then a 10min walk will turn to 15 and then 20. Then you will want to do more than that maybe you’ll start running or lifting weights. The point is to start small and slow. Your body will guide you. Don’t put pressure on yourself or expect outcomes. Be patient and start small. Good luck!
Kitty O.
Making changes to our habits is hard. Maybe first ask yourself if the gym is really where you want to do your exercise, is there something that is holding you back like time with your family or friends that the travel to and from the gym takes away from? If not then maybe pack your gym bag the night before so it is ready for you when you want to leave and leave yourself an encouraging note on your mirror. However, if it is a real struggle and takes too much time think about setting up a small home “gym”. We did this at the beginning of the pandemic and we are all working out much more. It’s so easy to just go to the garage or basement and get it done. Hope that helps. Stay strong and remember habits take time and hard things are hard but we can do hard things
Lucien S.
Do you have to go to the gym to exercise? Can you do short workouts at home every day to get into the habit. Put your gym clothes next to the bed at night and dress in them first thing. Drink water, do a home workout and then breakfast. Once you establish a habit then you can start going to the gym first thing 🙂
Gabriella X.
I decided I couldn’t handle the effort of commuting to the gym and also working out. So I have a little corner in my apartment with some basic gym stuff I bought used or borrowed from friends, and now I only need to motivate myself to get out of bed and walk to that corner to start working out. Now it’s a lot less effort
Susan F.
I don’t go to the gym. I bowl twice a week and ride my bike the other days. I also stretch first thing every morning. There are days that I don’t feel as motivated but I’ve made a commitment to myself and my teammates. I remind myself of the commitment and I move to keep my promises.
Liva W.
I read that a good idea for habits is to reduce "friction" – make it easier to start them each day. You could maybe go to a gym pretty close to your home, or go to the gym on the way home from somewhere. Another idea is to try working out at home. You could start with five minutes a day to build the habit, because even five minutes could help you feel energy for the rest of the day (and you can eventually build more time). I think the most important thing is to find something you enjoy: running, yoga, biking, dancing, anything! Hope this helps 🙂
Natalie Z.
Start first by simple exercises like taking a walk and taking a breath then you start jogging,some jumping jacks,sit ups and after a week or so you won't have problem with going to the gym
Amnaalharrasi N.
From my personal experience you don’t need to go to the gym. Because motivating yourself to go their takes lots of steps . So your brain will automatically frame it as complex task. What you can do is to adapt to exercise anywhere easy and affordable ( like your room or the street or the nearby park!).
Second ask your self why?! Why I want to do this!? And the answer will flow.
If you are someone who likes to be praised make a star chart and give yourself the credits when you excersize.

Hope this helps

Ben N.
It's just about your mind .No motivational things can get you done it before your strong mind .You see ,you have a desire to go for gym ,but can't go because at the actual time your mind is weak . So you have to say that time ,"No excuse, I have to go,I have to go ,I have to go anyhow to achieve my goal .Kick away the laziness and get ready for gym.This means ruling yourself , guiding yourself .I myself do this OWNRULE trick.
Anne F.
Don’t go to the gym. Start with something simple. A video at home or a run outside. If you do go to the gym meet a friend there or take a class. It also might help to have a plan for when you get there. What equipment are you going to use? What exercises are you going to do?
William U.
You won’t always have motivation so what you need is discipline and developing it into habit and routine. I personally hate working out in the morning but I have set reminders on my phone to get up and am working on creating a habit even though I lack the motivation.
Miuke Z.
Try something active that you enjoy outdoors (if weather allows). Or have a dance party in your living room. Anything you enjoy to get your body moving, this normally gives you motivation to make it to the gym in the following days. Exercise releases endorphins, which make you feel happy, so just moving a little in your every day environment can help you get motivated to get to the gym.

Also, you could try walking up earlier to go before your day starts. Have your work out planned, and your shower stuff ready to go in the morning.

If that won't work; prepare a healthy dinner in a slow cooker, and again have a plan for your work out.

But just remember, you don't need a gym to be successful! The gym is just a tool, not the answer!

Matthew Y.
I constantly feel exhausted. I feel weak and unmotivated and I can't figure out why. I'm concerned for myself and I worry if I'll ever feel normal. I want to feel awake again and enlightened. I miss feeling alive. I want to be alive. I desperately want to be alive.